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REVIEW: Think Like a Man a Rowdy, Charming Battle of the Sexes — With Steve Harvey

Think Like a Man

Like He's Just Not That Into You and What to Expect When You're ExpectingThink Like a Man is a film adapted from a book that offers advice instead of a story — Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, a bestselling dating guide for women from comedian and TV host Steve Harvey. If the work was actually as life-changing and popular when it was published as the movie suggests, I must have missed all the women fighting each other over copies in the aisles of stores (an actual scene). But despite its cloying genuflections to its source material, Think Like a Man is rowdy and funny and showcases an immensely likable ensemble cast it uses to delineate its war between the sexes.
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Weekend Receipts: Contagion Fever -- Catch It!

Hark, a new film hath unseated The Help for the #1 crown! All it took was Steven Soderbergh's hypochondria-inducing Contagion, a picture that will surely also boost worldwide sales of Purell during flu season. And while there's no love lost in seeing last week's Shark Night 3D and Apollo 18 drop precipitously down in the ranks, the heartstrings pull for Warrior, a finely acted MMA film that only got a fraction of the theater count of its competitors, and performed accordingly. But! At least it fared better than Bucky Larson...

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