Chris Brown Lands a Role in Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

chrisbrown250.jpgStomp the Yard fans, please assemble yourselves and field this life-affirming announcement: Chris Brown, who was good in Stomp the Yard (Jen Yamato assures me), is reportedly starring in a romantic-comedic adaptation of Steve Harvey's bestselling advice manual Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Is this exciting? Problematic? Should we try and sink him with Rihanna's aircraft carrier from Battleship? More details follow.

Rolling Stone claims Harvey's 2009 book "provides 'some valuable information' to empower women about how to better deal with the men in their lives." Does this mean Brown is playing a player-type beau? How dicey! And perhaps delicious. Look, after I started tolerating his song that rips off Michael Jackson's "Human Nature," I remembered that Brown is damn talented. I don't want to meet him, but he might be great for this part.

What do you think? Psyched? Not psyched? Is a disgraced reputation forever?

· Chris Brown Cast in Romantic Comedy Based on Advice Book [Rolling Stone]


  • Tommy Marx says:

    I think he'll be awesome in "Beat Up a Lady, Think Like a Psycho".
    "Run It!" is still one of my favorite songs. I can't believe that guy is the same one that likes to hit women and beat them senseless. What kind of a person thinks it's acceptable to treat women like that? I would feel sorry for any woman that falls for him, but he's already proven what a lowlife he is, so she has no one but herself to blame. If he wants to change, that's great, but he still comes across as the entitled dick that couldn't understand why anyone would think beating the shit out of a woman was wrong. I wish him nothing but the worst.

  • Morgo says:

    I saw a movie he was in, it had a random extended chase sequence for his minor character. it turned out he was a producer so i guess it was a vanity chase sequence. i think he not a good actor. i have it on advisement from many women that he is incredibly sexy but i dont see it. i just see arrogance and vanity

  • Furious D says:

    I heard that the scene where he smacks the crap out of Jennifer Aniston is going to be Oscar worthy.

  • Sarah says:

    It pisses me off how talented he is. Stupid awesome "Yeah 3x"! I want to hate it, but it's physically impossible. I think he should reserve his talents for music and dancing. It's more tolerable listening to him on the radio than seeing his smug face in a movie.
    Morgo, that chase scene was from the awful "Takers". Five minutes into the chase, after he had been hit by a bus but was still performing Olympic-level gymnastics, I finally had to use the fast forward button.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Maybe his role will be like Jeffrey Donovan's in Hitch, where he'll just play a major douche.