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'That Jackass': Armond White Charms Again at the NYFCC Awards

'That Jackass': Armond White Charms Again at the NYFCC Awards

Looker proprietor and all-around swell guy Lawrence Levi braved last night's New York Film Critic's Circle Awards so you (read: I) didn't have to, submitting to Twitter one of the juicier exchanges overheard on a night when anecdotal blips rained down like thumbs at an Adam Sandler flick.
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Let's Hear it For J. Hoberman

This was, oh, five years in coming, but the long-time Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman has been let go from the paper. Fun fact: Hoberman's 34-year relationship with the Voice commenced with a high-low glimpse at David Lynch's experimental blast Eraserhead ("Eraserhead's not a movie I'd drop acid for, although I would consider it a revolutionary act if someone dropped a reel of it into the middle of Star Wars") and concluded this week with a high-low glimpse at Ken Jacobs's experimental blast Seeking the Monkey King ("This homemade slingshot has the capacity to resist and pulverize the idiotic visual aggression of a commercial behemoth like Transformers. It's a '60s vision happening today—beautiful, terrifying, and determined to storm the doors of perception"). Anyway, don't sweat it, he'll be back. [Capital New York]