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James Franco Has A Great And Powerful Smile

James Franco Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame on March 7, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

If James Franco reads his reviews,  he should avoid David Edelstein's critique of Oz The Great and Powerful  at "Franco is unconvincing generally, tamping down the passion, ironicizing everything out," wrote Edelstein. "It’s possible Franco’s modern-sounding stammers and shrugs opposite actors playing it straight are meant in the spirit of Bob Hope’s hipster cowards — or those of Woody Allen, who cited Hope among his inspirations for Sleeper and Love and Death. But Franco doesn’t have the comebacks. He’s playing a noncommittal character in a noncommittal way, so that you want to scream, “This isn’t a performance-art project! You’re carrying a movie!”  more »