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Harvey Weinstein to Join French Legion of Honor, Of Course

Harvey Weinstein to Join French Legion of Honor, Of Course

This just in: "French President Nicolas Sarkozy has named Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company (TWC), a recipient of the 2012 Légion d'Honneur, in recognition of Weinstein’s contributions to cinema and his decades of work producing some of the most highly regarded films of our time." And those are just the ones on his shelf! Read on for the full release.
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Artist Makes French Politicians Slightly Less Insufferable

This would never happen in America: "The two main candidates in this spring’s presidential election took a break from their mudslinging to crow. 'This is a tremendous success for the French cinema,' exclaimed President Nicolas Sarkozy on RTL radio Monday morning. 'I adored The Artist of course.' François Hollande, the Socialist challenger, said on his Web site, 'Bravo to the entire cast of the film, and bravo to French cinema.'" [NYT]

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The Artist's Jean Dujardin: Too Sexy for French Censors (But What About Oscar?)

Les Infidels poster

Banned in France! Well, kinda: Movie posters featuring Oscar-nominated Jean Dujardin, up for Best Actor for his turn as a silent film star in the sweet and wholesome The Artist, have been deemed too racy by French censors who recommended that certain billboards for Dujardin's French language film Les Infidels (The Players) be taken down. Judging from the film's redband trailer, Les Infidels is a comedy that features lots and lots of sex. Dirty sex. Upside down sex, suggest the naughty, naughty posters!
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