GALLERY: Tarsem on Eiko Ishioka and the Fairytale Look of Mirror Mirror

"There was one of my favorite things that Eiko did. She made another suit and put the ears on him, and if you look at the ears, that’s my favorite of what I call 'an Eiko touch' – if you look at the ears on the inside they are white, but at the bottom is red and that red slowly fades off to the top, to the white. And it’s just things like that she would do where I would say, yeah, he’s a bunny, move on. But her color choices in that, adding a little bit of red at the bottom of the ear, that kind of stuff you can never brief out, it comes – it came -- instinctually to her. [Pause] It’s hard to talk about her in the third person, but I’ll try. It just came instinctually to her, always."