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Remembering Tony Scott: Five Movies By The Late Director That You Must See

As Hollywood processes the apparent suicide of filmmaker Tony Scott  reports — included a report that he jumped to his death wearing the lucky (faded) red baseball cap that he first donned on the set of his blockbuster his Top Gun — I prefer to dwell, not on Scott's tragic death, but his life in movies. In Roger Ebert's review of Scott's essential True Romance, the critic wrote: "This is the kind of movie that creates its own universe, and glories in it." I actually think that assessment applies to most of Scott's work and is what made him special as a filmmaker. Even when his movies weren't cohesive — Domino or The Hunger come to mind— they were still worth watching and impossible to dismiss because they were filled with provocative ideas, images and themes that amounted to something more than a collection of scenes, acts and dialogue. Below, my list of Scott's best movies.  If you have a different list in mind, check out our Movieline poll where you can vote for your favorite Scott movie.   more »

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Robert Pattinson On GMA: 'Pretty Much Everything That Comes Out Of My Mouth Is Irrelevant'

Whether or not Robert Pattinson carries Cosmopolis to box-office glory this coming weekend, I hope he's around the movie business for a long time.

Unlike Kristen Stewart, who, I'm convinced, is Oscar material,  Pattinson has yet to blow me away as an actor, but I do think he should win an award for the cheeky way in which he keeps showing us that contemporary celebrity journalism is a joke. more »