UPDATED: 'Top Gun 2' Tweet − Is Val Kilmer Ahead Of Or Behind The Curve Here?

Top Gun 2 Val Kilmer

Back in November, the New York Times reported that a planned sequel to Top Gun, with Tom Cruise aboard, had fallen apart in the wake of director Tony Scott's suicide last August. So, I did a double take a few minutes ago when I read this Tweet from what is supposedly Val Kilmer's official account:

Time will tell whether the Tweet is a joke, a leak or a sign that the actor has awakened from a long contemplative slumber that resulted in him missing months of pop-culture news. If a Top Gun sequel is back in play and an Iceman cameo beckons, Kilmer should invest in one of those P90X cross-training videos that former vice presidential Paul Ryan favors. In the most recent pictures I've seen, the six-pack that the actor sported in Top Gun had evolved into a full keg.

UPDATE:  Five hours after Kilmer posted his idea for a Top Gun 2 title, he returned to Twitter to explain himself:  Before the "Dog Fight" tweet, he had posted a photo of him and Tony Scott talking on the set of the original movie.  Here's what he had to say:

In fairness to Kilmer, I'd also like to point out the comment below from "Chris" who saw the actor channel Mark Twain in Dallas and noted that Kilmer has lost weight. Judge for yourself here.

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