'The Bling Ring' − The Top 5 Lines Of Dialogue That Could Make It The Most Quoted Movie Of The Summer

The Bling Ring

A new trailer for Sofia Coppola's pulled-from-the-headlines film, The Bling Ring, is out, and there's a lot to pick over.  For one thing, Emma Watson is riveting as Nicki, one of the spoiled, cynical and morally adrift Los Angeles teens who made news robbing celebrities' homes. As J.J. Hunsecker from Sweet Smell of Success would say, she's a cookie full of arsenic.

Watson gets some of the best lines in the trailer, which is studded with surprisingly good dialogue. If Coppola's script is as consistent as the scenes featured below, The Bling Ring could end up rivaling Seth Rogen & Co's  This Is The End as one of the most quoted movies of the summer.

'I Wanna Rob'

Here, in ascending order,  the best lines from the trailer:

5) Cop: I've spoken to all of  the victims. Rebecca (Katie Chang): Really? What did Lindsay say?

4) Nicki: "C'mon, let's go to Paris's. I wanna rob."

3) Exchange in Paris Hilton's House: Marc (Israel Broussard):  You can't take her dog.  Rebecca: But he likes me!

2) Laurie (Leslie Mann): "Girls, time for your Adderall!"

1) Nicki:  I want to lead the country one day for all I know.

Bonus:  Marc:  I hear helicopters.  Rebecca: We're in L.A. Don't be such a little bitch.

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  • Jake says:

    I'm sure this movie is going to show how celebrity obsessed our youth have become and how out of touch they are, but I'm not sure I want to sit around and watch it. Do I really need to watch the whole movie to learn that stupid kids are stupid? I'm not sure this film is really going to give me an insight into my own humanity.

    Anyone else feel that way?


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