POLL: 'Man of Steel' Vs. 'Star Trek Into Darkness': Which Trailer Is More Powerful?

Star Trek Into Darkness Man of Steel

The marketing teams for Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel have been killing it in the trailer department, and their latest efforts are no exception. In fact the trailers that each campaign put out for their respective movies on Monday are so strong that I want to put it to Movieline's readers to decide which is the most powerful statement. 

In one corner, you've got an epic Man of Steel clip that gives a stirring, almost patriotic look at the scope of the Superman reboot (and a glimpse of Lois Lane).  In the other, Star Trek fans are shown just how high the stakes will be when Kirk leads the crew of the Enterprise to the brink of disaster in pursuit of Benedict Cumberbatch'svillain, whoever he turns out to be.

I vote for Star Trek Into Darkness.  For me, the scene where cocky, brash Kirk apologizes to his crew, presumably for getting them in deep shit, is hugely effective and makes the story about human lives and relationships instead of special effects and phaser battles.

Now, it's your turn. Watch the two trailers below and vote. If you think there's another trailer that I haven't listed that should be included, leave it in the comments section.

Super Effective

To Boldly Apologize Like No Man Has Apologized Before

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  • Matthew says:

    Though decision, but I'll have tog go with Man of Steel. It's just a more epic trailer. Still looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness more though.

  • Jojo says:

    Both look good. But if I had to choose I'd see Man of Steel

  • I picked MOS. This new trailer blows the other clips away with almost every frame. The exception being the end when it looks like he either burps or farts.

    The latest ST:ID simply equals the previous trailer which was great already.

  • Joe says:

    MoS.. EPIC

  • Cope36 says:

    It's interesting. I go for STID, not because I think it kills it for me, actually that has been done by its previous international trailer, and I feel that int'l trailer actually did it for most of casual moviegoers; this final/ domestic trailer just finally nailed it for those skeptical hardcore trekkies/ trekkers; however, the MoS trailer is a bit TOO EPIC for my likes; it almost feels pretentious.

    • Jamie Wall says:

      How can a trailer be pretentious? It's not trying to be any better than it is. I thought the Iron Man 3 trailer (and posters) were over epic but I don't feel the same with Man of Steel or Star Trek. As far as trying to be epic goes Star Trek and Man of Steel seem the same to me, massive DC Comics and Star Trek fans that I now were almost drooling over both.
      If one of the trailers doesn't suit you I can see why they would be over-epic.

  • Wallace says:

    STID for me. While MOS is more epic "looking", its interior content is nothing but cliché after cliché, many we've been getting from Superman movies, comics (and SMALLVILLE on TV) for decades: Superman is a god and the light of the world proclamation uttered by his real father; platitudes uttered by his earth father regarding his purpose in life; Clark trying to find himself; all of which have become so pretentious and regurgitated, it made the whole trailer seem trite and boring to me. Also, I sense the same problem with this film I felt with the THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie -- it's origin story is so known and overused-- I just felt unmoved and uninvolved. There's just limited discovery in a Superman story and one of the reasons I think SUPERMAN RETURNS did so poorly. At least the TREK trailer gave us something we have never seen before: a young, flawed and maturing Captain Kirk. My gut tells me MOS will be the better film, but the TREK trailer drew me in more. Not surprised MOS is winning the poll either. Today’s film audiences and fanboys are more interested in how things “look” than possible original story directions. Figures.

    • Jamie Wall says:

      I respect your opinion but we have had many Star Trek movies and series as well. Both films show a new view on the characters. The direction of Man of Steel isn't like the old Superman movies (it is an original take), Star Trek into Darkness shows a new darker tone.
      The Man of Steel trailer looks better than the Star Trek trailer to me. How do you know Star Trek will be any more original than Man of Steel? If any movie can be considered original.

      When judging 2 trailers, I'm sure most people would think about how they 'look'. That is the entire point of trailers! If it were 'which movie has the more appealing storyline', rather than trailer, people would think about that.

      • Jamie Wall says:

        I mean, just as Star Trek in 2009 was a new take on Trek, Man of Steel is a new take on Superman. As far as originality goes, both are reboots. Neither story can be dubbed original until they're released. Could Oblivion be classed as original storyline just because the exact story hasn't been done before?

  • Shannon says:

    If we're talking about how powerful a trailer is put me down for Star Trek. The ST trailers in general have everyone speculating as to what is going on. It is causing the public to try to figure something out by giving you a look without actually giving away anything. There is great power in getting the public excited and invested in the story. The MoS trailers have been beautiful, but anti-climatic and a bit dull. I do not feel like I have anything to speculate about with the new Superman movie. It looks like it is just another take on the beginnings of Superman, and unless you completely deviate from the source material, the story is known. Star Trek on the other hand is now a blank slate from the moment Nero changed the time line. The past doesn't change (like khan floating about in space), but the future is completely unwritten.
    I want to see both movies. Though if I had to choose it would be Star Trek without question.

  • John Stock says:

    Got to be 'Trek.

  • I don't know what it is, the MoS trailer just doesn't do much for me. I'll definitely still go see it, but the trailers so far have just been lacking.

  • Jack says:

    Any power in the Man of Steel trailer mostly comes from familiarity and nostalgia, the same way the only emotion in Superman Returns was a product of John Williams' original theme.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll see it -- but so far, it's promising a slicker, more portentous version of the already portentous origin scenes in the original movie. Donner's Superman didn't get a spark until those Daily Planet scenes.

    And what *is* happening at the end there?