INTERVIEW: Robert Redford & Jackie Evancho Discuss 'The Company You Keep'

The Company You Keep Premiere

Remember Occupy Wall Street?  Remember how popular support for the protest soared and then dwindled as organizers proved to be disorganized and ineffectual?  In his new film, The Company You Keep, Robert Redford examines why so many movements like OWS fail.  "They don't always succeed, they tend to evaporate," Redford notes.  "I was curious about why. And what was the cost [for] those people that so believed?"

In addition to looking back at generations of history, The Company You Keep also showcases several generations of acting talent: From Julie Christie to Stanley Tucci to Shia LaBeouf. Redford's most contemporary casting choice is America's Got Talent wunderkind Jackie Evancho, who makes her acting debut in the film.  "Acting and singing are actually very similar," says Evancho.  "Because they're both telling a story."

Check out my full interview from the NY Premiere below:

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