WATCH: Denied! Tina Fey 'Urk'-ed By 'Admission' Nude Scenes

Tina Fey Admission

Director Paul Weitz wanted Tina Fey so badly for his new movie Admission that he was willing to keep her clothed. "Originally the movie was closer to the book in that it had a couple of legitimate sex scenes in it and I was like 'Urk!'" Fey tells me. "So they were kind enough to accommodate that."

That doesn't mean though that she and co-star Paul Rudd didn't enjoy good chemistry.  Rudd says he was "predisposed to liking her anyway" as they share many of the same friends.  As for the film's Princeton setting, the actor admitted that making Admission was the only way he could ever get on the campus as his "GPA was very middling".

Is Weitz worried that colleges will hold Admission — which is also very candid about the college admissions process — against his kids when they apply to college later down the line?  Turns out he already has a plan!  "I'm going to change their names!"  But Princeton won't hold a grudge, as Weitz says they agreed to let him film on campus because "they liked the idea of having Tina Fey around for a little bit".

However, he adds, the actual Princeton admissions office does not appear in the film because it remains "super-duper top secret"!

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