Dangeruss Liaison: Jame Franco Directs Music Video For Rapper Who Inspired Alien In 'Spring Breakers'

James Franco Dangeruss

It's only Monday and James Franco is already having a good week.  And that could translate to a good week for Florida rapper Dangeruss, too.  Despite Franco's much-maligned performance in Oz The Great and Powerful, the movie was the top performer at the box office this past weekend, earning $42.2 million domestically, and the blogosphere is already championing him for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work as the drug dealer Alien in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. Meanwhile, that picture, which opens wide this weekend, racked up the best per-screen average of the year so far — $90,000 — in limited release at three theaters.

So, how is that good for Dangeruss?  For one thing, the tattooed and dreadlocked rapper inspired the actor's meth-dealing Alien character in Spring Breakers, which is a big reason the actor is in the spotlight again. Better yet, Franco directed Dangeruss'  "Hangin' With Da Dopeboys" video below, which is featured on the movie's heat-seeking soundtrack, and that could mean that the media soon stops referring to the rapper as an "underground" artist no matter how crusty he looks.

Granted, the track and the video don't exactly break new ground, but in this digital world, good enough is more than enough to blow up.

Check out "Hangin' With Da Dopeboys," then compare Dangeruss to Franco's Alien, who's featured in the second clip.

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  • Atasi says:

    As I sit here in freezing rain conditions "Springreakers" gives me a new light to beaches, ice cold raspberry ice teas, and ahhh da "Franco"!!!

  • Sprang Break! Sprang Break! Sprang Break!

  • Jake says:

    It still seems like Franco's character is more inspired by Riff Raff than this guy. I know Korine said the character isn't based on anyone, but he and Riff Raff sure were hanging out a lot and I thought I heard that he originally gave the part to Riff Raff until Franco came on board. Franco's look certainly is more of a Riff Raff look than this other guy.


    • Dangeruss4win says:

      Harmony Korine, James Franco and even Gucci Mane have stated Riff Raff has nothing to do with this movie just check out Youtube videos. Franco's look can also be based on Kevin Federline especially with the link to Britney Spears music in the movie, Axl Rose or even Sean Paul.

      Yes, Korine is friends with Riff Raff and they even shared a magazine cover together but inside the actual magazine (which people should find and read) they both (Korine/Riff Raff) confirmed that if anything Riff Raff had the opportunity to be part of Franco's crew in the movie but was NEVER going to be the lead.

      Franco has stated on many occasions (people need to start reading Franco's articles more on this story especially Riff Raff fans) that he had spoken to Korine a year prior to starting the movie and he would be the main guy for the lead role (AGAIN, he was always going to be the LEAD) and Korine also confirmed this.

      I wish Riff Raff fans would listen more as Riff Raff keeps changing his story regarding Franco, plus Franco's look is not exclusive to him. Of course, Franco's character has a resemblance but Korine was also hanging out with Gucci and lil Wayne too.

      Dangeruss comes into play, not necessary too much of the look but Franco's character has Dangeruss tattoos all over him but most importantly Franco' character apparently has Dangeruss personality (character).

      Which to me is more important because that's what the audience are loving in Franco's delivery, which is Oscar worthy.

      It's time Dangeruss got more credit from media and frankly Riff Raff disappear.