WATCH: Bruce Willis Watches His Fans Yell Hard At 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Premiere

Bruce Willis A Good Day to Die Hard

The day before A Good Day to Die Hard hit theaters, fans in New York City sat through a marathon screening of the first four films at the AMC Empire 25 — and were rewarded with a visit from John McClane himself, Bruce Willis, before seeing the new film.

Jai Courtney, who plays McClane's grown-up son in the film, was also in attendance, and both actors agreed their characters share a common trait: stubbornness.  "Just like most guys," said Willis, "he thinks he knows everything and...doesn't."

I also asked Courtney if the stunts in Die Hard films, or at least this one, are as old school as they look.  "We blew things up. For real." Courtney bragged.  "There's over a hundred cars being crashed, for real."

Check out my full red carpet interview below, and watch more than one hundred fans blowing out their lungs as they scream for the return of this 25-year-old franchise:

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  • mgyin says:

    This new Die Hard movie may have some actions but flaws in screenplay.I don't think Die Hard might not have series up to 7.

    • Tia says:

      I thought the screenplay was good. Watching all the movies yesterday (Yup, I'm one of the screaming fans in the video) I would say that you shouldn't expect high things from a Die Hard screenplay. Yes, we will get who the bad guy is pretty quickly, and it is always about the money, but that is what makes the Die Hard franchise work. Die Hard 5 delivered great performances and a story that fit with the others.