WATCH: 'Warm Bodies' more '16 Candles' than 'Twilight', says director Jonathan Levine!

"I basically replaced Michael Anthony Hall with a zombie" says Warm Bodies director Jonathan Levine by way of explaining that his girl-meet-corpse rom-com has more in common with John Hughes body of work than the Twilight saga.

I was on the red carpet Friday night for the New York premiere — which was hosted by The Cinema Society and Artistry — where I also spoke with star Nicholas Hoult.  How did the former Skins star perfect his zombie run?  Hours on the treadmill!  In fact, when friends stopped by his flat — Hoult is British — he says they took one look at him and said "this guy needs to take a break"!  Nope, that's not fatigue, that's zombie reflexes!

Hoult's co-star Teresa Palmer was also in attendance, and her favorite thing about Warm Bodies is that it helps the uber popular zombie genre evolve in unexpected ways.  That's right, we can't watch The Walking Dead forever - or can we...?

Check out the full interview below:

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