'Argo' Named Best Film By Roger Ebert For 2012

121227_ArgoThere are Top 10s galore this time of the year, but no doubt Ben Affleck is taking a bit of extra notice on this one. Uber critic Roger Ebert gave Argo his choice for the Best of 2012.

He called the year "one of the best recent years in cinema," noting that he wrote over 300 reviews over the year, which is a personal record. He also noted that it was "unusually difficult" to leave out films in the top ten.

Picking Argo, Ebert noted that the feature had the "classic values of a Hollywood thriller" and noted the story, based on true events, "reveals surprises about a story we all lived through. It is told with classic comedy and tension."

Oscar power-house Lincoln placed third on Ebert's list after Ang Lee's Life of Pi. He called Daniel Day-Lewis' performance "powerful," while describing Pi as a "miraculous achievement."

Also making the list was Sundance winner Beasts of the Southern Wild and perhaps surprisingly considering the momentum of the Oscar race, End of Watch Oslo, August 31 and A Simple Life.

Notables not making the cut in the top ten at least include Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Les Misérables and Silver Linings Playbook.

Ebert has long taken a course of his own. You can see his comments on his Top 10 here.

Roger Ebert's Top 10:

1. Argo by Ben Affleck

2. Life Of Pi by Ang Lee

3. Lincoln by Steven Spielberg

4. End Of Watch by David Ayer

5. Arbitrage by Nicholas Jarecki

6. Flight by Robert Zemeckis

7. The Sessions by Ben Lewin

8. Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin

9. Oslo, August 31st by Joachim Trier

10. A Simple Life by Ann Hui


  • Applejackson says:

    What?!? Flight?!? Worst movie I've seen in many years, hands down.. and I watch Roger Corman and Asylum movies.

  • Dave Johnson says:

    Read Rodger Eberts review for Prometheus. Then read his review for Clockwork Orange. Then explain to me how he can have any credibility at all.

  • joe says:

    argo-f yourself - it was a good movie, but best of the year, not so sure. Also, I'm sure it was a traumatic experience but it was hard to feel bad for them when the real hostages were getting mock executed. Obviously no "Zero-dark-thirty" lol

  • Ahr Mon says:

    "End of Watch Oslo"

    Sweet. Psyched for that version.

  • Ben Y says:

    I have a feeling that he may have not yet seen many of the excluded movies due to his injury.

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