NRA Blames Newtown Tragedy On The Movies, Of Course

NRA Newtown

The NRA finally broke its week-long silence after the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut today with a press conference — technically a speech, as no questions were answered — that proved once again that reactionaries are as terrible at popular culture as they are at generating positive outcomes from their preferred policies. The real culprit to blame for tragedies such as Newtown, according to NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre? Movies.

In Washington, D.C., LaPierre delivered an obtuse tirade to assembled journalists in which, per the current fashion, he blamed numerous video games like Bulletstorm and Grand Theft Auto before laying into the movie industry. “We have bloodsoaked films out there like American Psycho, Natural Born Killers,” he said. “They're aired on propaganda loops called Splatterdays, and every single day.” Yes, he said 'splatterdays,' a word no one has ever used.

LaPierre also offered the organization's prescription for solving the problem of frequent mass killings: stuff our schools with guns. LaPierre claimed that rules prohibiting guns in public schools contribute to these killings, suggesting that “We need to have every single school in America immediately deploy a protection program proven to work — and by that I mean armed security.” He then announced that the NRA will be funding a "safety" program for interested schools dubbed the “National School Shield Emergency Response Program” which, if implemented as described in the press conference, would significantly militarize the educational experience.

Far be it from me to point out the ridiculousness of blaming films from 12 and 22 years ago for violence which occurred last week — though for what it's worth, I can't recall seeing any 24/7 marathon of any of Oliver Stone's lesser movies. We'll just note instead that, as if to add a particularly grim punchline, at the same time LaPierre embarrassed himself and his organization on the national stage, another unspeakable tragedy happened: Three people were killed by a Pennsylvania gunman who then took his own life. Notably, guns are not prohibited on Pennsylvania roads. I'll wait with bated breath for the film the NRA will blame for that.

[Via CNN]

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  • Mark Murphy says:

    What a moron, figures they point at everything but the elephant in the room ie the guns that never should be.

  • Ross Lincoln says:

    The good news is that the national reaction has been a combination of mockery and horror. They really, really, really misjudged the national mood this time. Hopefully this really comes to bite them in the ass.

    • The good news ? Right.
      Of all the groups involved in the hooraw over the 2nd Amendment,which one promotes only the safe use of,and offers training for,firearms ? Which of those groups actively support law enforcment ? supported Three Strikes and yer out !, legislation ? And did that,with donations from members ? Pink Floozies ? The Brady Bunch ? Eric Holder and Barack Obama ? No ! The member supported,National Rifle Association.
      How many lives,since 9/10/2001,could have been saved,by responsible and armed citizens ? At the very least, Three Thousand,and TwentySeven.
      That sir,is reality.And you should thank God every day, that you do not add yourself to those numbers.Of course,there will never be one person thanking God,that you kept their lives from adding to the toll.

  • Well,shoot.What industry has made billions advertising the criminal use of firearms,while many of it's most highly paid employees,who would have the 2nd Amendment struck from the Constitution, make millions from advertising the criminal use of firearms ? Which industry ? Oh,the entertainment industry.
    That makes it OK then,doesn't it ?

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

  • Andrew says:

    Point of order...My friend often hosts an all day/night horror movie film festival at his house on a Saturday which he calls, "Splatterday".

    So the phrase is used.

    Carry on...

  • The Pope says:

    Aebe Mac Gill,

    You ask what industry has made billions advertising the criminal use of firearms? Yes, that would be Hollywood. But it is more than a little revealing that in a time of crisis, the NRA turns on Hollywood, its chief advertiser, and blames them for all the gun violence?

    So let's get this straight. The gun lobby needs public friends. Hollywood obliges. The gun lobby are asked to help in reducing gun related violence and instead of admitting to even a modicum of responsibility, it blames Hollywood for all of it.

    Sound like the desperate excuses of drunken adolescent.

  • Where is the entertainment industry advertising for the NRA ? It surely is not supportive of it's conservative members,how would it espouse a conservative issue,one which should concern all ?
    The NRA does not condone even the unsafe use of a firearm,the concern it has for criminal issues is part of it's record.
    Want to take a serious shot at violence of all sorts in America ? It is a mental health problem.Something this country gleefully abandoned,so that politicians could spend away the resources that were marked for helping the crazed,maniacal,progressives our society produces.Done with the aid of the ACLU,who were greatly disturbed that the disturbed among us;have their right to be homeless,lead a life of desperation,and have their bodies found in an alley about a week after they die;given them,and to make sure that they did use that right,hospitals and other facilities were closed,or turned into prisons.
    The creature that murdered all those children,if sane,would he have do so ? No.Such an evil act cannot be done by a person who is sane. Did local law enforcement know of the creature ? any other public entity ? If he were using any medications,there was a doctor and his staff who knew.What could be done ? Nothing,because until such creatures commit a crime,they cannot have any attention.

    What responsibility does the NRA bear for the behavior of the insane ? You would hold it responsible,when the so-called society's safety net must have known of the young man,and did nothing ?
    So,the government,which denied it's societal and ethical obligations.The entertainment industry,whether Hollywood,video games or the print media,literally creates insane stories,designed to bring the mind of the viewer into them,they,every one of them,have a responsibility for what happened.And then,also,the perpetrator.Whether recognised as insane or not,is still obligated to be responsible for his actions.

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

  • CaseyL says:

    It's a mental health problem; it's a violent video game problem; it's a violent movie problem.... You know what? Other countries have crazy people, other countries have violent video games, and other countries have violent movies. Other countries do not, however, have their schools and movie theaters turned into killing fields; other countries do not kill fire fighters showing up to battle a blaze. Here in the US, we do. The difference between those other countries and the US? In the US, any moron who wants to amass unlimited firepower can do so. How about we make it harder for them, rather than attack Hollywood and gamers.

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