WATCH: 'Charlie' Gives Louis C.K.'s Life To Charlie Brown For Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas Louis CK

Need something to help you get over the taste left by last weeks revelation that Charles Schulz was really bad at sending adulterous love letters to women half his age? Why not watch proof that the future for the neurotic, preternaturally mature children of Peanuts is as utterly bleak as you always pictured it would be!

Charlie is A Charlie Brown Christmas re-imagined as an episode of Louie, and just like Louis C.K.'s weekly ode to mediocrity, it features a middle-aged Charlie Brown returning to the old neighborhood for Christmas amid constant reminders of age and lack of accomplishment.

Well that was brill. I approve of Linus as a reclusive hoarder and Lucy as a bitter divorcee. Yeah, making Peppermint Patty and Marcie a lesbian couple is an old joke, but envisioning Schroeder as a Jake Shears-style house musician in a gay club more than makes up for it. Best of all, Charlie Brown finally tells Lucy off for her years of football-related bullying by taking the damn ball from her and kicking it, like a real bitter, middle-aged man would. Go team Chuck!

Now of course, you know what this means: all other Peanuts parodies are now moot. Please update your schedule accordingly.

[via ADHD]

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