WATCH: 'Stand-Up Guys' Star Alan Arkin Is An Actor Not A Sociologist

Christopher Nolan recently said it's as tough for older actors to get roles as it is for older actresses. Not if you're Alan Arkin. This has been a big week for the 78-year-old actor, who was nominated for a Golden Globe on Thursday for his performance as a crusty film producer in Argo.

Earlier this week, Arkin ht the red carpet for his new flick Stand Up Guys in which he stars opposite Al Pacino and Christopher Walken.

The film's director Fisher Stevens was also on hand and told me he much prefers directing to acting. It's better to paint the entire picture than just be a small part of it, he says. As for Julianna Margulies — another Golden Globe nominee for her work on The Good Wife — she said co-starring in the film was like taking a master class in acting.  Hoo-ah!

Check out my full interview below:


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