WATCH: Edward Burns Unwraps 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' And Gives Thanks For VOD

It's no secret that indie filmmakers can often feel like Bob Cratchit, begging for just a little bit of coal from Scroogy Hollywood so they can keep their creative fire burning.

But the multi-platform release, initially frowned upon, has become a boon for indie filmmakers.  We've already seen Arbitrage with Richard Gere and Lay the Favorite with Bruce Willis hit VOD services at the same time they hit movie theaters, and now Edward Burns' The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is doing the same.

And because of that, Burns tells me his films are turning a profit for the first time since She's The One.

Check out my full interview with actor and filmmaker below, as well as the film's website to find out if it's playing at a theater near you when it goes into limited release this Friday, Dec. 7.  If not, you can catch it on iTunes, Amazon, or VOD.

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