PHOTOS: Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf Go O.G. In 'Lawless' Set Pics

Jessica Chastain is riding a huge wave of Best Actress buzz this week for Katherine Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, but let's not forget the memorable impression she made earlier this year as a bootlegger's moll in John Hillcoat's brutal period drama Lawless. See Chastain, Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and the Lawless gang channel Depression-era chic in Movieline's exclusive set of never-before-released photos from the Lawless set.

I'm particularly enamored of this shot of Chastain as Maggie, the city girl with a past laying low with the Bondurant brothers, posing Bonnie Parker-style LIKE A BOSS.

 Jessica Chastain Photo

Head here for high-res versions of our exclusive Lawless set photos.

Shia LaBeouf Tom Hardy Lawless

Shia LaBeouf Dane DeHaan

Lawless Gary Oldman

Although these Lawless are only available here, the film hits DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday (November 27) with featurettes, audio commentary with director John Hillcoat and author (and Bondurant descendant) Matt Bondurant, deleted scenes and more.

They were brothers who became outlaws, and outlaws who became heroes...The three Bondurant boys (Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke), along with their sultry new hire (Jessica Chastain), command the most lucrative bootlegging operation in Franklin County, Virginia. The locals consider them "indestructible." But the law - in the form of a corrupt special deputy (Guy Pearce) - wants a cut of their action, at any cost. When youngest brother Jack (LaBeouf) gets a taste of power with a deadly gangster (Gary Oldman), the whole business blows sky high. Based on the astonishing true story, the Bondurant brotherhood is the stuff of legend.


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  • Yashar says:

    Loved all the cast and was rather impressed, specially with Dane Dehaan, Jason Clarke and Guy Pearce. So say that Pearce is over the top / scenery chewing in this one but I strongly disagree.

    Of course, Hardy and Chastain were fantastic too.

  • Jenni says:

    I forgot all about seeing this one in the theaters, even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about the acting. I’m not one for buying DVDs, but I still want to see Lawless. I overheard one of the guys I work with at DISH say that I can stream it through my DISH Hopper’s Blockbuster @Home app, so I’m pretty much all set to watch it. I won’t even have to leave my house and I’ll still get to enjoy this new release!