Kurt Cobain Documentary In The Works Blessed By Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain, Courtney LoveNow it's Courtney Love's turn to tell her story about her husband Kurt Cobain and she's turning to a medium she knows well, even if it has at times not been to her liking. The Hole musician has approached filmmaker Brett Morgan to do a Cobain documentary, a project that has been under discussion since 2007.

"Courtney is the one that brought me into this," said Morgan, whose Rolling Stones doc Crossfire Hurricane premiered at the BFI London Film Festival last month. "We've been trying to find the right time to put tho film together and the time is now." Morgan, who spoke to the New York Post said they're eyeing a 2014 release.

Rumors swirled that a Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue recently when once close Britney Spears protégé Sam Lufti testified under oath that he and Love were working on a possible stage or motion picture project based on the grunge artist who died of a self-inflicted gunshot in 1994. "There will be no musical," Love later told The Observer. "Sometimes it's best just to leave things alone."

Nevertheless, a doc is underway at least for now, and it will take the form of a "third-person autobiography," Morgan said. "[As] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life…Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and film-maker."

Kurt Cobain left behind a wealth of recordings even beyond his music, some of which played out in a 2006 documentary, Kurt Cobain About a Son by AJ Schnack, which Love did not sanction. Cobain and Love were both the subjects in the 1998 doc Kurt & Courtney by Nick Broomfield, which Love allegedly tried to axe from the Sundance Film Festival ahead of its premiere.

Never-before seen footage of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in their private life turned up in the 2011 doc Hit So Hard by P. David Ebersole, which followed the story of Hole drummer Patty Schemel, which Love cooperated with. On the non-doc side, Gus van Sant fictionalized a parallel Kurt Cobain story in his 2005 feature Last Days, which starred Michael Pitt as the would-be Nirvana frontman.

[Source: The Guardian]