It's Ryan Gosling's Birthday! Watch 9 Essential 'Mickey Mouse Club'-Era Baby Goose Moments

Ryan Gosling Mickey Mouse Club

I don't care if you're already sick of the blogosphere's fawning, today is Ryan Gosling's birthday and that is practically an internet holiday. (Not to mention an actual one. Shout out to the veterans out there.) And unlike you Gosling latecomers out there who jumped on the Baby Goose train after The Notebook, some of us have been faithful fans for almost two decades now, and that kind of lifelong dedication warrants an entire post full of internet videos, okay?

So for all my fellow Goslingheads out there I'd like to take a trip back in time to when Baby Goose was not an actual baby, but a pre-pubescent star in the making. A bright shining star who loved that smooth, smooth '90s R&B. Let's rewind to his youth and ours. Let's take it back to the Mickey Mouse Club.

Because when I think Ryan Gosling, I think Jodeci:

...and Boyz II Men:

...and this sweet denim vest:

... and answering Mouse Mail with JC Chasez:

... and his hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, "the place where most of the stuff is happening":

... and his early flair for comedy:

... and that one time he and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and Xtina passed notes in class:

... and how he and Justin Timberlake should do a buddy comedy together now that they're both hot Hollywood properties even though they never seem to hang out in public, and what's up with that because weren't they like totally MMC besties?

But when it comes to that patented Gosling "Hey Girl" touch, let's skip ahead a few years to the teenagers-on-a-boat series Breaker High to witness the Baby Goose's effortless sigh-inducing charms. There's no doubt about it: Gosling had "Hey girl" down to a science long before "Hey girl" became a thing.

You're welcome, world. If you need me I'll be working on my art, AKA this.

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