Ex-'Spy Kid' Alexa Vega Goes Sexy For 'Machete Kills,' Brains Implode

Let's not bother talking about how Alexa Vega went from 13-year-old Spy Kid in 2001, to a hot hit-woman, wearing only a bra and chaps in the forthcoming Machete Kills in the blink of an eye (yes, you're old, and that was over a decade ago).

Or that Robert Rodriguez, who directed the 24-year-old Vega through adolescence into her teen years in three Spy Kids pics, is probably not pervy at all, despite casting his former child actress as a sexy body-baring femme fatale in his tongue-in-cheek action sequel.

If anything ,it's you and I who are the pervs, sitting here, unable to stop our brains from instantly juxtaposing this first-look image at Vega (via Vega's Twitter account) as Killjoy in Machete Kills with fuzzy memories of her from those bygone Spy Kids days. (It's even worse if you remember Vega's first film role, as Icebox's cousin, Priscilla, in Little Giants.)

Alexa Vega Machete Kills

Spy Kids Alexa Vega


The thing is, any child actress growing up in the business has to deal with this sort of thing at one point or another, and Vega has been steadily working in the indie world for a good decade-plus. Why shouldn't she get to flaunt it? It's the association with Rodriguez that gets that cognitive dissonance firing, but I suppose that might only help her performance as a Rodriguez Femme Fatale, a la Salma Hayek, Michelle Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, and Jessica Alba - the kind of screen siren whose sultry sensuality is her most lethal weapon, aside from her actual lethal weapons, which in this case, appear to include guns and cars on fire.

Hats off to Rodriguez for going there, I guess. If you need me, I'll be in the corner wrapping my brain around this madness, watching the internet explode in "Alexa Vega Is All Grown Up, WINK WINK HEHE" headlines.

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  • CineRam says:

    You think that's bad? Try watching Daryl Sabara as Robin Williams' giant perv of a teenage hellspawn in "World's Greatest Dad", only to remember he was Alexa's younger brother in the very same series.

  • syzygy says:

    It's even WORSE when you remember that Machete is the Spy Kids' uncle.

  • jon says:

    kids grow up to be adults, what's the big deal? they'll eventually start doing what our grandparents, our parents, and we do, and I won't even have to give examples (you get my drift, yeah?). it's how the world works.

  • ILDC says:

    Seeing her in Spy Kids 4D was more unsettling for me.

  • Erika says:

    Its normal What do people expect her to be the 40 year cold virgen

  • Ed says:

    She has a spectacular body. The fact that she was in Spy Kids is irrelevant.

  • ashurbanipal says:

    She's very close to my age so its not pervy for me to thing she's hot as f**k at all.

  • Carcotas says:

    This is a poorly written sequel to the original Machete, which, at least had a cohesive storyline. Rodriguez must have been high when he scripted this film. The only redeeming feature is Charlie Sheen; here billed as Carlos Estevez, as the whacked out president of the U.S. His moments are too few, however, and cannot save this mess. Danny Trejo is good as Machete, and Mel Gibson shows up as a James Bond like Dr. Evil nemesis. Michelle Rodriguez is back, as is Jessica Alba; but they are given little to do. Several badly staged gun battles fill up the screen and I was extremely disappointed, especially given my positive review of the first movie. More about Sofia Vega here http://movieinfodb.com/en/people/63522/Sof%C3%ADa+Vergara