WATCH: Harvey Weinstein, Bradley Cooper Team For Mitt Romney Trailer 'Hindsight'

Mitt Romney Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein's controversial Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden landed record ratings for Nat Geo Sunday night just in time to give President Obama that time-tested Weinstein bump, but the Hollywood heavyweight has something for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, too — a Bradley Cooper-narrated trailer for a Romney "comedy" entitled Hindsight.

"Based on the spectacular success of Seal Team Six, several journalists have asked me what a film on Mitt Romney would look like," Weinstein wrote in the Huffington Post, introducing the video. "I told them it would definitely be a comedy, so I decided to get the Seal Team Six team back together."

I've got to hand it to Harvey, clever guy: The man really is a PR genius. Who else would even think of promoting such varied agendas as the TV military dramatization Seal Team Six, President Obama's reelection, and the upcoming holiday-hit hopeful Silver Linings Playbook, which Weinstein's team insists "plays great in Middle America," in one tidy viral video?

[Huffington Post]

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    I'm wondering what they will do as America caves in even more and it all comes down as it already is, and the American public come hunting for these celebrities in California and New York and their controlling media masters. It will be open and free hunting season on these celebrities, and that is something that cannot be stopped. It's going to happen, and all these media figures will be the first to perish. They won't find protection behind Obama because Obamas handlers already know it will happen and they and Obama will skip to Hawaii and beyond. There is no way out of this.