John Cusack To Play Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack Rush LimbaughRight-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh may publicly disparage Hollywood to his legions of Ditto-heads, but that is not keeping the movie biz away from cashing in on the widely followed conservative. And John Cusack is just the man to do it.

John Cusack will take on the role of the ever-controversial Limbaugh in a new biopic that is in its early stages, according to The Guardian. Betty Thomas is eyeing the project as director, which takes a look at the radio personality's meteoric rise over the past three decades.

Cusack may not necessarily share Limbaugh's conservative orthodoxy, but the story will reportedly give a "non-partisan approach." Cusack had been a strident critic of George W. Bush's Administration. He is also expected to be a producer on the project.

Betty Thomas has radio credentials having previously directed Howard Stern pic Private Parts.

Limbaugh recently lashed out at Hollywood, saying The Dark Knight Rises was anti-Romney because its villain was named Bane, which he said was a reference to the Republican candidate's former involvement with Bain Capital, which President Obama's campaign accuses of exporting jobs to China.

[Sources: The Guardian, Deadline]


  • Mike P. says:

    Cusack is going to need 8 hours of makeup and a lobotomy to play that pill-popping, racist, misogynistic, moron Limbaugh.

    • icrecruiter says:

      Oh you must be one of those open minded ever tolerant people on the Progressive side we have heard so much about. You know, the ones protecting us from the homophobic racist conservatives. Do you see what you really are? You are worse than those you take shots at. God Bless you because no one else will.

  • Alexx Miller says:

    This is a movie I won't waste time or money seeing, no matter how much I like the actor portraying him.