Roger Avary Finds Work (And Redemption) With 'Airspace' And 'Castle Wolfenstein'

Roger Avary to direct 'Airspace' and 'Wolfenstein'

The movie industry can be a forgiving one. SlashFilm is reporting (via Variety) that Roger Avary will be making his post-jail directorial debut with Airspace, a mile-high thriller in which John Cusack plays a charter pilot whose plane comes under attack from a heavily armed MiG fighter jet after he finds a mysterious briefcase in his aircraft. The movie is being described as "Duel in the sky," a reference to Steven Spielberg's nailbiter of a 1971 TV movie about a guy in a car being menaced by an insane dude in a semi.  Avary's other project is a film adaptation of the Castle Wolfenstein  video games that Avary, who won an Oscar in 1994 for co-writing the Pulp Fiction screenplay with Quentin Tarantino, was slated to do before he ended up spending eight months in jail stemming from a 2008 DUI-related vehicular manslaughter conviction. Panorama Media and Samuel Hadida, who produced the 2006 Silent Hill film, which Avary wrote, will produce the Wolfenstein film.


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