Oliver Stone Touts New Miniseries, Calls Sandy 'Punishment'

Oliver StoneIt is no surprise that Oliver Stone is an Obama supporter, but he is giving out equal criticism to both candidates for not discussing climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which lashed the Northeast this week. Stone is promoting his documentary series The Untold History of the United States and a new book.

"I was a little disappointed at the third debate when neither of them talked about climate control and the nature of the situation on Earth," Stone said during an interview with the Huffington Post. "I think there's kind of a weird statement coming right after ... this is a punishment ... Mother Nature cannot be ignored. That's all I thought about."

Stone said that his Showtime documentary miniseries - which tracks the reasons behind the Cold War, President Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan and changes in America's role since the fall of Communism - has been one of the most arduous projects he's undertaken, calling it "love work." The series is accompanied by a book of the same title, co-written by Peter Kuznick, a history professor at American University. Stone spent $1 million of his own money on the $5 million project, which will be shown in ten episodes.

"There's this attitude that we 'deserve' to be in charge," Stone said. "I don't believe in that ... We act as if we have this right of kingship -- we act as tyrants."

"We learn the history of the victors," added Kuznick. "We learn this triumphant version of history, that the United States is the shining city on the hill."

Stone said that The History of the United States may have once aired on PBS, but the public television network has become too scared to take it on.

"They're so politicized they can't say anything - they're scared of their own shadow," he said adding, ""this Pro-American experience type stuff, where it has to be about America and America has to be the point of making the movie."

[Source: Huffington Post]


  • landgabriel says:

    Oliver Stone questions American imperialism but supports Obama, who crafted the largest arms deal in U.S. History (with the Saudis) and who has drone-assasinated six times the amount of people as Bush in a country (Pakistan) we have to declared war on?


  • Kyle Blacwell says:

    Okay but the other guy Romney would probably be even more hawkish than Obama. He even has the 1950's Cold War attitude toward Cuba who we have lived next to peacefully for the past 50 years since the Cuban Missle Crisis. It is my hope that Obama will turn toward peace the way that Kennedy did.

  • OP HIP says:

    ----ONE and ALLLLL are in cosmic DENIAL of the
    4 decades underway Globalist handover to the
    US taxpayer underwritten ----RED China 'mere--ick--cull'.

    ONE and ALLLLL refuse to look the monster of unaccountable
    INTER--national, intergenerational banking (ie USURY)
    ---and the agenda for world takedown ---cultural eradication
    ----and MASS EUGENICS ---full in the face.

    Nuremberg ---is NEW ---AGAIN. . .