OPSEC Seeks Donations To Run Anti-Obama Ad Against Seal Team Six Movie

OPSEC fundraising to counter 'Seal Team Six' movie

The political action committee that opposes the National Geographic Channel's cablecast of Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden is seeking grass-roots donations to runs its anti-Obama 'Bump in the Road' ad during the telecast, according to an email making the rounds. 

The email, which links back to the website for OPSEC, a Republican-leaning group of former special operations and C.I.A. officers that has been likened to the Swift Boat veterans that swamped John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, is looking for donations of $25 or more to air its commercial during the debut of Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden on Nov. 4, just two days before the presidential election. OPSEC is not happy that major Obama supporter Harvey Weinstein's The Weinstein Company is behind the film, which, according to the New York Times, has been recut to bolster the President's role in the historic military operation.

Seal Team Six director John Stockwell and other sources told the Times that the changes were not politically motivated but, rather, were meant to give the movie a more realistic feel.  Those sources added, however, that Weinstein suggested some of the changes that were made to the film and that Meghan O'Hara, a producer who has worked with liberal firebrand Michael Moore on his left-leaning films Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko was also involved in gathering research.

Weinstein, who's identified as a "Hollywood liberal,"  is targeted in the fund-raising email, which is reproduced below. (Except where indicated, the use of boldface is replicated from the email and the name of the recipient has been withheld.) The motto on the home page of OPSEC's website reads: "I Serve Quietly. Not Seeking Recognition or Accolades...."

The fund-raising email links back to the OPSEC website which indicates that the Bump in the Road ads "are live right now in Ohio and have impacted Virginia ....but our budget likely won't last to November 6th," adding:  "We have to count on you to keep these ads running."

The Weinstein Company and OPSEC had not responded to requests for comment at the time of this posting, but I'll update accordingly.

This is the email:

We've got a major problem....In just a few days, National Geographic Channel will begin broadcasting "Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden," even after reporting by the New York Times and other media outlets disclosed that the timing and editing of the film by Obama mega-donor and Hollywood liberal Harvey Weinstein were orchestrated to use the heroic work of U.S. Special Operations Forces to promote President Obama's re-election.  OPSEC's not going take this sitting down.

If we can raise the funds necessary -- we're going to air our hard-hitting ad, "Bump In The Road," right along-side the documentary on National Geographic ChannelEvery person who watches will know how this documentary is exploiting service members, divulging national secrets that are putting special forces lives at risk, and is timed to be nothing more than an ad for President Obama.

[Name Withheld], please make an urgent donation of $25, $50, $100 or more right now to help OPSEC send a powerful message to Obama, Hollywood liberal Harvey Weinstein, and anyone else who wants to exploit the hard work of America's Special Forces that they will have to score political points elsewhere!

It's truly sad that once again, Special Forces operations are being used as a political pawn to win votes for Obama's reelection....not to mention the further leaks of tactics and methods that will further jeopardize future missions against Al Qaeda. National Geographic's Channel own President even admitted that, "that some people were suspicious of the film's intentions."

[In the original email, a link to the NY Times article on the editing of Seal Team Six appears here. (Boldface ours)]

Our ad hits the Obama Administration hard for lying about the attacks in Libya that cost the U.S. Ambassador, two former SEALs and another U.S. diplomat their lives while also having politicized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

So will you make an urgent donation to help us run this ad side-by-side with Harvey Weinstein's exploitive Seal Team Six documentary? It's absolutely critical we raise the funds necessary to get our response running right along side this TV program.

Playing politics with national security is wrong and endangers American lives. It will only result in special forces coming home in flag draped coffins because their missions have been reduced to petty political games in place of protecting America.


Scott Taylor

Former Navy SEAL

PS: If we can raise the funds necessary -- we're going to air our hard-hitting ad, "Bump In The Road," right along-side the documentary on National Geographic Channel. Please make an urgent donation of $25, $50, $100 or more right now to help OPSEC send a powerful message to Obama, Hollywood liberal Harvey Weinstein, and anyone else who wants to exploit the hard work of America's Special Forces that they will have to score political points elsewhere!

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  • Joe says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzz... Was entertainment news always slanted to the left? This hardly qualifies as anything more than a press release.

    • Joe: Are you saying that the email above functions as a press release for 'Bump in the Road'?

      • joe says:

        No, I'm saying unless the movie is overtly political keep the politics in your pocket (tip to redlettermedia). Movies are about escapism, not advancing a political agenda. I think over the past 5-10 years it has gotten worse and ends up hurting movies. Just so were clear i get just as pissed when i hear "shock and awe" in a film as i do when i hear, "we need hope and change". I think there are 10 Julian Assange Biopics in the works. Think what you want about that guy, but 10? Come on.

  • anonymous says:

    a) Most of the operational details of the mission have already been fully revealed in the UK Channel 4 documentary "Bin Laden : Shoot To Kill" which was broadcast on September 7th 2011.

    That documentary featured exclusive interviews from all the major White House players, including President Obama's first documentary interview on the subject.

    b) The decision to launch the mission was a political one (or one of differing politics) as Mitt Romney had already stated that he "Would not move Heaven and Earth to find Bin Laden", whereas Obama appreciated the importance to the American people, and the value of bringing closure to them.

    OPSEC are talking out of their collective arse : they are Republican in their outlook, so this action smacks of hypocrisy, rather than a desire for an unbiased overview / exposé.

    Worse still, they seem to be making a mockery of their own motto : "I SERVE QUIETLY. NOT SEEKING RECOGNITION OR ACCOLADES..."

    And if they're really trying to enlighten an electorate that they feel are being hoodwinked, and make the most of their dwindling funds, schedule "Bump in the Road" directly before and after "Seal Team Six : The Raid on Osama Bin Laden", on the same channel - not at the same time, on a different channel.

    Scheduling the programmes to conflict will just create a curiosity contest OPSEC can't win, ensuring that a large audience don't see it (regardless of political leanings), only appealing to those who are so dyed in the wool, that all they're achieving is preaching to the Choir.

    P.S. Is that the same John Stockwell that starred in John Carpenter's Christine?

    • Joe says:

      Will they also show the comments from the Obama that Bin Laden needed to stand trial for his crimes or will they conveniently leave that out?

  • Movies are part of the fantacy, NWO, world we live in. Like football and soaps they do not improve our understanding of life. Bring back education for all!

  • Let´s not forget it wasn´t bin Laden they shot, it was a lookalike. And the Muslim way of burial is to be dropped in the sea, somewhere, so that you are never found. It does help if the seals who shot the looky-liky are all blown away in their helicopter while leaving the scene of the false flag.

  • Martha Soames says:

    Non-free societies are characterized by one-party rule, the hallmarks of which are gross corruption, lack of freedom and use of the governed for the benefit of the governing. Free societies are characterized by multiple political parties, great individual freedom, multiple watchdogs over corruption and "government by the people, of the people and for the people". The duty of the press in both kinds of societies is to uphold the existing form of government and its ideology; in non-free societies the press has no choice. However, in free societies it has numerous options - ranging from its traditional duties to monitor and expose injustices, to protect the citizenry and their freedoms from government, and to create an informed citizenry - to the rather different agenda of creating one-party rule. Our press has, contrarily, chosen the latter and uses the tools of totalitarian societies to further its goal. Those tools include controls on available information and the presentation of propaganda as fact. Why have only one television station and essentially no newspapers chosen to cover the tortured death of our ambassador to libya and the refusal of the President to explain? Why is National Geographic running a partisan, opinion-driven movie lauding the current Democratic candidate for president two days before the election? Do we really want a one-party system, with its attendant totalitarianism, loss of freedom, and uncontrolled corruption? If not, why aren't we, as a people, taking on the traditional mantle of the press and protesting this danger to our freedom and form of government?

  • Alan says:

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