Arnold Schwarzenegger To Return As Older Conan The Barbarian, Please Disregard Jason Momoa's Version

Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan

Poor Jason Momoa. Just a year after he helped reboot the Conan the Barbarian franchise, original Conan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Universal Pictures have struck a deal to reboot the reboot, putting Arnie back in the role of the muscled, sword-swinging warrior.

Deadline reports that Paradox Entertainment's Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan will produce the re-reboot (Un-boot? Retro-boot?), The Legend of Conan, with Morgan scripting. The idea is to catch up with Schwarzenegger's older Conan years after his original heroic ascent, whose challenges will include "dealing with age."

“It’s that Nordic Viking mythic guy who has played the role of king, warrior, soldier and mercenary, and who has bedded more women than anyone, nearing the last cycle of his life. He knows he’ll be going to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle," Malmberg said.

The sequel will directly follow 1982's Conan the Barbarian but may even ignore that film's 1984 sequel, Conan the Destroyer. Said Morgan, screenwriter of four Fast & Furious films, Wanted, Cellular, and the upcoming Universal epic 47 Ronin: "We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan’s Unforgiven."

Yes, think of this indeed. Then tell me your thoughts in the comments below, as we all imagine the 65-year-old Arnold slipping into that fur-lined barbarian banana hammock once more.



  • AD says:

    The lows to which Hollywood will stoop will never cease to amaze me.

  • Gaia says:

    Jason is soooo Conan. Arnie should give it up

    • Chris Brown says:

      Jason is soooooo not Conan. I think most of the developed world agrees. But Arnie ain't doin so hot either.

  • David says:

    Ahhhnold in a fur lined banana hammock..........priceless!!!!

  • Han says:

    I'll see it, but it really is a shame the reboot failed. The Arnold movies were not good adaptations.

  • Jeff says:

    All in the world is right again...Arnold is returning to Conan. I've waited for this movie for a long time...the aging warrior finally gaining his crown. If done right, this could be Arnold's swan song as a muscle-bound warrior, much the way Unforgiven was Clint Eastwood's swan song as a cowboy.

  • Hank says:

    For those that followed the original stories.......The King Conan books were great. I saw the original Arnold / Conan at the drive in..... If done right... This could be a great movie. He is the perfect age to wrap up the storyline properly....

    • mdfaraone says:

      We don't need to "wrap up the story" , there were dozens of adventures Conan went on between the time he first set out as a boy and his time as king of Aquilonia, the Conan franchise should be the sword and sorcery equivalent to the James Bond movies, you could keep going on with them forever.
      Momoa deserves a second chance with a better script and director, Arnold's time is OVER.

      • Jeff says:

        Well, apparently, his time is not over. Many, if not most, fans of the original have wanted Arnold to return to the franchise for years, with one final film showing him as the aging warrior finally gaining his crown. Momoa is no Arnold, nor will he ever be, although I did like him in Stargate Atlantis.

  • Jake says:

    I agree that this is the only announced Arnold movie that I think could actually work. The accent and persona of c

    • Jake says:

      Sorry. Hit the wrong button.

      The persona of Conan is one that seems perfect for Arnie. What was the only Stallone film that has worked recently? Rocky Balboa. I think this will also work for a similar reason. Hope I'm right. Those old Conan films are great.

  • It's good to be the king. I'm actually pretty psyched about this, Conan the Barbarian starring Arnold is a much loved cult classic and a great film, even if it differs significantly from the source material. I just hope they do this up right with a good director, love to see John Milius back, but if not someone like John McTiernan or Ridley Scott or Richard Donner, would be great.

  • Matt says:

    Jason Momoa's version didn't suck because of his casting, it sucked because of the crap script & story. The ending of the reboot was as part as any cheesy low budget 70s-80s sword & sorcery B movie. Embarrassing. Could have been great. I always like the original.

  • pinche vato says:

    What happened to the john milius, "King Conan: Crown of Iron" script?
    Conan is not "Conan" without John Milius!

  • Rusty says:

    "To Crush My Enemies, See Them Driven Before Me, And Hear The Lamentation Of Their Women!"

  • Niccolò says:

    Of course it'll be Arnie. Who else could play the part ?

    • mdfaraone says:

      Momoa, that's who, he did a great job, he just needed a better script and director.

      • Jeff says:

        Myself and others do not believe Momoa did a great job, and I am a fan of his, just not as Conan. In all fairness, though, no one could come close to Arnold in his prime. It will be refreshing to see him in the role again.

  • Graham says:

    Jason Momoa is Conan, he did the character more justice in one film than Arnie could ever hope to do in three., Arnold belongs in a retirement home, he was my fave as a kid but now he's a disappointment who needs to get his ego out of the way of good films. On another note I preferred Terminator 4 better because Arnie who's lost his edge was hardly present.

  • mdfaraone says:

    I actually thought Momoa did a good job as Conan and was much closer to Robert E Howard's literary creation than the lumbering oaf portrayed by Arnold, the only problem with the reboot was the script and mediocre direction by hack Marcus Nispel, I would much rather see Momoa in a follow-up with good script and director than Arnold's 67 yr old sallow man boobs and bad acting.

    • Jeff says:

      Disagree. Arnold's performance in Conan the Barbarian is the iconic image of the character the most of us still hold true in our hearts. Many of us have been waiting for years for him to reprise the role. As for Momoa, I won't childishly ridicule him the same way you apparently needed to ridicule Arnold...I'll just simply say he will never be as big a star.

      • mdfaraone says:

        I liked the original as a Sword and Sorcery movie but NOT as an adaptation of Conan, problem is people like you who don't read , I liked the original as a kid too, but once I read the Robert E. Howard stories I realised Howard's Conan would kick Arnold's Conan's ass and call him a whiny pussy, Conan was NEVER a slave, nor would he allow himself to be, he was also intelligent, worldly, cunning, multi-lingual and had "panther like reflexes" to quote Howard, Arnold's portrayal was borderline autistic. The first was good IN SPITE of Arnold, thanks to Milius direction and Basil Poledouris incredible score, "the Destroyer" despite still having Arnold, was absolute DRECK.

        • Jeff says:

          When you find a movie wherein the screenplay does not differ, in any way, from the book, let me know. Also, it appears that you have a distaste for Arnold in general. It must really grate on you, then, that most people associated Conan with him.

        • Tate451 says:

          It is obvious that you have some grasp of the novels and a certain perspective of the various adaptations of the work. But this is conan the barbarian here, not Shakespeare. I think you have to ask yourself would you prefer something you perceive to be "light" or nothing at all.

          Berate it as culturally barren and devoid of idiom if you like. It's not about art or staying true to an artistic vision. Hell, it's not even about honoring dead authors. It's about money.

          The people who remember Arnold as Conan? They're slap bang in the cash cow demographic. So it has a good chance of making money. Annoying isn't it when success is rated by quantity not quality, or maybe all those people see a quality you've already disregarded. Then again maybe your right after all.

          Time will tell.

  • Noah Dingley says:

    Conan: I'll be Back - The bad guy played by....Robert Patrick JR.

  • Terry Boake says:

    No one asked for this... So why is this happening? It won't even make money. What an idiotic move. Nice job Hollywood, and congrats on your endless backward thinking. Every empire has an end, and it seems yours is coming, and that right soon...

    • Jeff says:

      "No one asked for this?" mean YOU didn't ask for this. The world, my friend, does not revolve around you.

    • Riccardo says:

      Yeah I don't know about you Terry Boake but I am excited to finally see the conclusion to the Schwarzenneger Conan storyline.

  • Josh says:

    This is really exciting news. The ending of the original Conan - the only one worth seeing - set this sequel up perfectly. Now Arnold is the perfect age, so it's a great idea. Just one thing ... OLIVER STONE TO DIRECT!!!!!!! They're both around the same age, the first Conan both set off their careers in a way, now they both seem to want to get back into action, and it would bring everything full circle. Oliver Stone is the perfect guy to handle this material. Alexander kicked ass (the first version.) I don't know if he'd be interested in the story, but, man - that would be a dream.

  • Sam Tebow says:

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  • Ben Miller says:

    His best acting was the Governator.

  • Movie-Hulk "Smash" says:

    There's really only so much the actors can do. Ninety percent of the success of the movie lies in the script, directing, special effects, etc. Jason Momoa had the look and more than adequate acting chops, (see Game of Thrones) to play Conan. Unfortunately we'll never know for sure because in the abomination that was birthed by director Marcus Nispel and the committee of meddling studio execs (they really should be publicly flogged) he wasn't really playing the character Conan. The problem with the upcoming Schwarzenegger movie, I suspect, is that it will be done with a wink and a nod to the audience. "We all know this is the Governator we're watching so let's not take this thing too seriously." I think they just see a quick payday capitalizing on name recognition and cult following. (Full disclosure: I will see this movie even though I know it will be feeble, anemic and uninspired.) I liked the (very unlikely to be achieved) 'Unforgiven' parallel that script writer Morgan made. That's really what this could be. Too bad Clint isn't writing and directing this thing. 'Conan-torino'!

  • joya says:

    I've waited for this movie for a long time...the aging warrior finally gaining his crown. If done right, this could be Arnold's swan song as a muscle-bound warrior, much the way Unforgiven was Clint Eastwood's swan song as a cowboy. I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it's where to- connect with beautiful and excellent people!It won't even make money. What an idiotic move. Nice job Hollywood, and congrats on your endless backward thinking. Every empire has an end, and it seems yours is coming, and that right soon...

  • Thomas Ic says:

    Ue I'm a big Conan fan but both these conans are their own Conan each not following the true story,yet based on R.E Howard Jason looks more the part as well as speaking the orignal Arnold barely speaks English and Conan speak well he wasn't some dumb both stories raped Conan but the 1982 had a better score and swords and side kicks ...both had it's stupid my parents are killed Conanseeks revenge dumb dumb ...Conan 1982 had a young weak kid push a wheel around for 18 years there's no way he'd look like Arnold in the 2011 a.bad ass young Conan become Jason ...which the 2011 could have been better with a different director ...but 1982 wins because the all around rewatch ability ..once you saw the 2011 there's no reason to see it again but the 82 is a amazing movie ..but if we are talking who looks more like Conan it's Jason by Crom

  • cgmorganhw says:

    I have always loved the Conan movies. When the new one came along, I was worried they would butcher it but despite Nispel, I was pleased with it. I recently picked up the books for the first time and highly recommend doing so if you haven't already. Jason Momoa did a fantastic job in the role. His portrayal was more accurate. I'm still a fan of both and will more than likely see the new one with Arnold. However I would definitely like to see Momoa as Conan again. In my opinion, he nailed the part and is Conan.

  • Aria says:

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