Iron Man 3 & The Mandarin's Debut: Guess The Plot Using Images From The First Trailer

Intentionally vague official plot synopsis, be damned; the first trailer for Iron Man 3 hit the 'net, bringing with it a handful of images and glimpses at scenes just begging to be captioned.

[Want the full gallery of hi-res Iron Man 3 trailer images? Head here.]

So we know the vague, personal, vaguely personal setup: When enemies destroy his world (including, apparently, that sweet crib and his personal Iron Man suit museum) Tony Stark heads out to find out who's responsible. Hint: Look for the bearded half-white guy with ten rings and a flair for Eastern fashions.

Iron Man 3

But what kind of life was Tony living, anyway? Ever since The Avengers, life superheroing while flying solo seems a little more empty. (Sorry, Pepper.)

Iron Man 3

Sometimes Pepper wakes up in the middle of the night and hardly recognizes him... because he's also SHAKING HER AWAKE! But if Tony's asleep, WHO'S IN THE SUIT?? Best Punk'd ever.

Iron Man 3

So Pepper's like, uh, no.

Iron Man 3

And Tony's all, 'What? Chicks dig guys who wear nerdy accessories on their heads!' (They don't. Trust me.)

Iron Man 3

Never mind. Here comes The Mandarin, who isn't Chinese because wouldn't that be crazy? Instead let's give Sir Ben Kingsley a fashion identity crisis and the strangest alien-speaking-English accent of all time.

Iron Man 3

At least he has magical bling.

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