POLL: Who You Gonna Call For The 'Ghostbusters 3' Cast?

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With Deadline reporting that Ivan Reitman is expected to begin filming a Ghostbusters reboot next summer, sans Bill Murray,  and Dan Aykroyd  saying that he and Harold Ramis will hand over the original crew's Proton Packs to a new generation, it's time to start dreamcasting a new team of spectre battlers. 

Famous Monsters of Filmland, cites an August appearance by Aykroyd on comedian Dennis Miller's radio show in which the O.G. (Original Ghostbuster) explains that Tropic Thunder screenwriter Etan Cohen has written a great script from a story by  The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky in which a blind-in-one-eye Dr. Ray Stantz (Aykroyd) and a rather portly Dr. Egon Spengler — "who's too large to get into the harness" — decide to recruit a new team of Ghostbusters. According to the site, Aykroyd is looking for "three guys and one young woman" to pick up the mantle, which is sure to have a lot of agents working the phones for their actor clients.

In 2009, I interviewed Ramis for a Vanity Fair.com piece I did on the Ghostbusters video game and he told me a similar story. He and Aykroyd, who wrote the first two Ghostbusters scripts, were consulting with Eisenberg and Stupnitsky on the third, and he told me that the idea was that the original slime-fighting crew were going to be 'the mentors, the emeritus Ghostbusters" and pass the torch to "a new set of actors that can actually carry the franchise forward without wearing girdles and fake hair.”

At the time, Ramis told me that his Year One, co-star Michael Cera was a “huge fan” of Murray’s Venkman character and that he'd learned from a third party that Cera carried "a Ghostbusters wallet."

All these years, I still like the idea of Cera joining a new Ghostbusters crew that would also include Seth Rogen, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live and Madeleine Martin from Californication.

Now tell me which actors you'd like to see christened the new Ghostbusters. Pick four actors you'd like to see cast in the reboot. You don't have to follow Aykroyd's "three guys and one woman" comment as a guideline, but it would be nice. If you don't see your choices in the poll below, leave it in the comments section, and if I think they're plausible, I'll add them to the list of potential candidates.

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  • Kal Penn.

    As soon as I had the idea of Kumar in a Ghostbuster's uniform, I realized it's perfect. So let me say it again: Kal Penn would make a great Ghostbuster.

  • SD says:

    I played the Ghostbusters video game and it was pretty good. It was the only sequel I needed. It had just enough nods to the previous films, a similar sense of humour and a decent story. I find it hard to believe another film will be able to improve upon it.

    A new Ghostbusters film at this point has Indiana Jones 4 written all over it.

    • Frank DiGiacomo says:

      I know what you mean. The video game had the original actors doing their voices and visually they looked as if they'd never aged. But 'Tropic Thunder' is a funny, funny movie, so I have a lot of faith in Cohen. And if they do actually pass the torch to a younger crew, it could be really good. I'm going to keep the faith.

  • Justin miller says:

    Come on guys! Bill hader has to be one of them!

  • Andrew K says:

    Really not interested in another sequel, but it's still possible that it could be done well.

    Well, I'll amend that: I'm really not interested in a sequel involving that whole Apatow crew. Ick. Bill Hader would be great, though.

    And maybe Paul Rudd. He always reminded me of a sweeter-natured Bill Murray. And he had great chemistry with Jason Segel in "I Love You, Man," so throw him in there too. And maybe Zack Galifiniakis for some weirdness.

    Ok, a sequel could be a lot of fun actually. Just please no Cera, McLovin, or Seth Rogen.

  • Adam says:

    I think Danny Glover from Community would be good too! Also, after her amazing impression in ZOMBIELAND...I vote Emma Stone as the new Janine

  • Talat Pamuk says:

    What about Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris, Erica Durance and Jensen Ackles?

  • john says:

    None of my top 5 picks are there :(... here's my picks. Egan=ben stiller. Winston=martin lawrence. Ray=dude who plays king of queens and peter=channing tatum..oh cindy laupher as jeanine the secretary not sure if I spelled some names right

  • charlie says:

    I dont think anyone under the age of 30 should take this pull....... I think ben stiller and owen wilson should be in this poll aswell..

  • brandon says:

    John francis daley as ray, matthew gubler as egon, NPH as venkman, kal penn as a winston

  • HeroFanatic says:

    Paul Rudd- Venkman

    Jason Segel- Ray

    James Spader as egon

    Idris Elba -Winston

    Emma Stone- Janine

    This cast and im sold...seriously come on paul rudd and jason segel have done a movie together before and had good chemistry and james spader and idris elba + emma stone are all great actors actresses so yeah this would be perfect....