James Bond Snubs 3-D, At Least For Now

He's always packin' the niftiest of gadgetry and he's reinvented himself throughout the generations, remaining forever in his prime, but one en vogue technology James Bond is not considering is 3-D. Producers of the 50 year-old franchise say they have no interest in making a Bond film a three-dimensional format despite the rise of the medium - and its box office prowess - since the last Bond film, Quantum of Solace debuted back in 2008.

Avatar re-ushered in 3-D in a massive way to audiences back in 2009, grossing over $2 billion that year in the U.S. alone, while Summer-season '12 release Marvel's The Avengers scored well into the 10-figure gross mark. And Ang Lee's ventured into 3-D with his anticipated Life of Pi due out in late November.

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"3-D is fantastic for the right material, but we're not sure Bond is the right way to go," said Skyfall producer Barbara Broccoli in a recent interview with A.P. "With our movies, there's a lot of challenges to 3-D, particularly when you've got a lot of action and a lot of quick cutting."

Broccoli added, "It has to be right for our story. Unless you can do something as well as [Avatar], it's probably not worth looking at."

Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson have spearheaded the last seven Bond films. Wilson added that some have poked around at the idea of converting some of the old Bond films into 3-D, perhaps taking a cue from Disney animated classics in recent years, but he called the suggestions "more of a novelty."

One piece of visual stimulation Skyfall is embracing is IMAX. The film will be released there a day early on November 8th in North America.

So, Bond has mostly adapted to the times. Should the 3-D prove to be more than a medium-term fancy, seeing Daniel Craig as 007 flying, falling, shooting and in your face with millions of adoring cross-generational fans may yet happen. Craig has signed on for two more Bond films, which will be the 24th and 25th installments.

Neither is planned as a 3-D pic, but said Broccoli: "Who knows? We'll see if things change in the future."

[Source: A.P.]