Chris Hemsworth Eyes American Assassin; Fox's Sean Hannity to Make Film Debut: Biz Break

Also in Thursday morning's round-up of news briefs: Tim Burton launches the London Film Festival with his latest; Toronto surf pic heads to U.S. theaters and Variety is set to end its pay wall.

Storm Surfers 3-D Heads to U.S. Theaters
The 2012 Toronto Film Festival documentary is directed by Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan. The film follows Tom, Ross and surf forecaster Ben Matson’s adventures as they track and chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean, braving gigantic waves, freezing conditions and near-death experiences. Using state-of-the-art 3D technology the feature is narrated by Oscar nominee Toni Collette. XLrator Media acquired U.S. rights to the film.

Around the 'net…

CBS Films Courts Chris Hemsworth to Play Terrorist Hunter in American Assassin
Based on Vince Flynn's bestselling novel series, CBS Films is offering Chris Hemsworth $10 million to star as terrorist hunter Mitch Rapp in American Assassin It is the 11th book in Flynn's series of espionage novels, Deadline reports.

Sean Hannity to Make Film Debut in Atlas Shrugged: Part II
In the film that opens Friday, Hannity plays the host of a TV show similar to his own on Fox News. The film is set several years in the future when the conservative commentator will presumably be off the air. Hannity is a fan of the book Atlas Shrugged and its author Ayn Rand, a fierce defender of capitalism, THR reports.

Frankenweenie Opens London Film Festival
Filmmaker Tim Burton has said he is "honored" that his stop-motion 3D animation Frankenweenie has opened the BFI London Film Festival. "It was made here, so it has extra special meaning," the director told the BBC at the film's European premiere.

Variety's Pay Wall to End
One day after the official announcement PMC Media acquired trade publication Variety, its new owner said at a town hall meeting at Variety's L.A. office that the pay wall will come down. Variety has been mostly inaccessible to non-subscribers online since the pay wall was instituted, Deadline reports. (PMC is the parent company of Movieline).


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