Good Evening Hitchcock, Your Trailer Is Served

Only weeks ahead of its world premiere as the opening film at AFI Fest comes a glimpse of Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren starrer, Hitchcock. Like the festival's closing night counterpart, Lincoln, the title will no doubt be an awards-season heavy-weight.

The legendary filmmaker and his wife Alma Reville (Mirren) take the focus in the Sacha Gervasi-directed feature, which is set against the backdrop of filming Hitchcock's Psycho in 1959. The trailer opens with Hopkins talking about violence and horror and he's just a man "behind the scenes with a camera."

Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Vera Miles, James D'Arcy, Danny Huston and Toni Collette also star in the film, which spans from the time of Wisconsin murder Ed Gein, the inspiration for Psycho's Norman Bates character, to the release of the lauded film in 1960. Hitchcock and Reville's marriage comes under strain due to the filmmaker's determination to complete the film.

Fox Searchlight, which will release Hitchcock beginning November 23rd, will likely have a multiple Oscar-nominated pic on its hands if the trailer is any indication.

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