An Old Person's Guide To The Random Celebrities On The 2012 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

Look, it's okay if you don't know your 2 Chainz from your Tyga, or One Direction from The Wanted, or your which newly-shorn platinum blonde pop singer is totes biting that other platinum blonde pop singer's style. We're here to help. Place your wizened finger on the pulse of today's 4G-cruising, MTV-addled tweens and get to know 10 random red carpet-traipsing hipster rappers, teen idols, one hit wonders and zeitgeist peddlers selling culture to today's youth at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift MTV

1. Taylor Swift

This one's easy: Taylor Swift is a Grammy-winning, platinum-selling country pop musician who writes songs about her famous ex-boyfriends and all the (mostly) crappy things they did to her.

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