Salma Hayek Wanted To Ditch Her Acting Career

She received an Oscar and BAFTA nomination for her starring role as Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in the aptly titled Frida back in 2002, an Emmy nomination for her appearance in TV's Ugly Betty (where she was also an executive producer) and has been in films from Puss in Boots (ok, her voice), Desperado to Dogma and her latest pic, Savages, directed by Oliver Stone. Yet Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek told a German magazine that she was in fact ready to end her acting career.

The 45 year-old actress told German Vogue that Oliver Stone's Savages persuaded her to stay on in front of the camera. Her husband Francois-Henri Pinault also encouraged her to take on the role in the drug thriller.

"Roles like Elena don't come along frequently," she is quoted as saying in the publication via NDTV Movies. "I didn't want to do another movie to be honest. Francois convinced me of that. Actually, I quit acting."

But now that Savages has been released both in the U.S. and abroad, will she continue to act? Apparently it's not clear, but she did say she would have done Savages even if it would end up being her final performance because it was directed by Stone.

"It at all I just wanted to do it for fun," she said. "I didn't take it that seriously anymore. And then [Stone] came. To be honest even if I didn't like the part I still would have said yes just to work with Oliver."

In Savages, Hayek plays the role of a cartel leader.

Even if the acting thing isn't for her anymore, the movie biz will likely still be ongoing. She founded her film production company Ventanarosa in 2000 and she is currently producing The Prophet, an animated feature slated for next year. And a quick look at her IMDb page shows that she has two acting gigs in the works, Here Comes the Boom and Grown Ups 2.

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