Expendables 2 Reigns Over A Weak Box Office; Anti-Obama Doc 2016 One Bright Spot

Expendables 2

The weekend box office was anything but stellar over the weekend. Expendables 2 and The Bourne Legacy remained the top two earners in the final weekend of August. One bright spot, however, was conservative doc 2016 Obama's America, which went wide after spending the first three weeks with limited runs. Its gross jumped over 400% and it landed in 8th place in the overall box office despite remaining in far fewer theaters than compared to other titles in the top 10. Newcomers Premium Rush and Hit and Run bowed softly.

1. The Expendables 2
Gross: $13.5 million (Cume $52,313,944
Screens: 3,355 (PSA: $4,024)
Week: 2 (Change: $- 53%)

Despite a drop of 53%, The Expendables 2 remained the weekend's top earner at the box office. The feature added 39 runs over its debut and averaged $4,024 vs. last weekend's $8,670. Adding $22.4 million from overseas and the film has so far cumed over $74.71 million.

2. The Bourne Legacy
Gross: $9,281,160 (Cume: $85,467,375)
Screens: 3,654 (PSA: $2,540)
Week: 3 (Change: - 46%)

The Universal Pictures release again took second place now in its third weekend of release. Abroad, the title has taken in $28.1 million. Last weekend in the U.S., the feature averaged $4,535 from 3,753 showings and had dropped 55% from its debut. This weekend's drop was not as steep despite playing in less theaters, giving the release some momentum in an otherwise dismal box office weekend.

3. Paranorman (3-D, Animation)
Gross $8,545,883 (Cume: $28,274,234)
Screens: 3,455 (PSA: $2,473)
Week: 2 (Change: -39%)

Again, Paranorman landed in the third spot over the weekend. Its 39% drop is respectable given its second go-around. Focus Features only added 26 theaters for the film in its second weekend.

4. The Campaign
Gross: $7.44 million (Cume: $64,543,000)
Screens: 3,302 (PSA: $2,253)
Week: 3 (Change: - 43%)

The comedy added 47 theaters in its third weekend. Last weekend it averaged $4,112 in 3,255 theaters. It has also drummed up an additional $2.1 million abroad.

5. The Dark Knight Rises
Gross: $7.155 million (Cume: $422,188,000)
Screens: 2,606 (PSA: $2,746)
Week: 6 (Change: - 35%)

Worldwide the finale in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has amassed $941,188,000. It's sixth week domestic drop of 35% compares to the previous weekend's 41% decline vs. its fourth weekend run, showing the feature is still holding well now in its sixth weekend of release despite losing 551 venues from the previous week.

6. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Gross: $7,125,000 (Cume: $27,080,000)
Screens: 2,598 (Average: $2,742)
Week: 2 (Change: - 34%)

The title actually went up one spot from the previous weekend's seventh place showing though that is more a result of a lack of openers that caught audiences attention. Still, its revenue only dropped 34% and it remained in the same number of theaters as the previous weekend.

7. Premium Rush
Gross: $6.3 million
Screens: 2,255 (PSA: $2,794)
Week: 1

The feature opened softly with only $6.3 million and a disappointment after a big sports-related promotional. Also a disappointment for Joseph Gordon-Levitt who has otherwise had a stellar year.

8. 2016 Obama's America
Gross: $6,237,517 (Cume: $9,075,393)
Screens: 1,091 (PSA: $5,717)
Week: 4 (Change 401%)

The anti-Obama doc went wide after three weeks in limited release. Box office watchers were a flutter Friday that the title would even out-gross Expendables 2, though it ended up in fourth place that day. Still, a strong showing for the title the feature has a strong shot at being the top grossing non-fiction film of the year.

9. Hope Springs
Gross: $6 million (Cume: $45 million)
Screens: 2,402 (PSA: $2,498)
Week: 3 (Change: -34%)

Hope Springs ranked eighth last weekend. Its $2,498 average compares with its second weekend average of $3,854. The title added 41 screens.

10. Hit and Run
Gross: $4,675,026
Screens: 2,870 (PSA: $1,629)
Week: 1

The newcomer made it into the top 10, but it was otherwise a weak showing with a $1,629 average. Still, the production budget was around $2 million, but its otherwise weak opening likely indicates it will have a rough road ahead.

[Sources: Hollywood.com, Box Office Mojo]


  • badblokebob says:

    Doesn't sound like much of a bright spot...

    • KevyB says:

      Compared to all the other movies from the right it certainly is. But let's be realistic: it's little more than a "Quick, listeners, go see this film and show all those horrible, atheist, homosexual, abortionist liberals how big we are and then maybe the right can FINALLY have their own Fahrenheit 9/11!!! Then all the whackjobs rush out to it and it disappears soon after and ends up doing a fraction of Michael Moore's film. Personally, I can't imagine PAYING for more frigging political crap this year. I'd like to ban it from my television.

  • Molly says:

    Truly like the breakdown on the topic above. I’ve not seen several solid posts on the subject but you did a fantastic job.