WATCH: Red Band Trailer For Lawless Gives New Meaning to 'Gas Guzzler'

Lawless Red-Band Trailer

"Do you have any idea what a Thompson submachine gun does to a mortal?" Guy Pearce tells Tom Hardy about midway through this red-band trailer for Lawless. And, well, before you can say, "Swiss cheese!", Gary Oldman is riddling some poor sap in an old-fashioned automobile with lots of lead.

That's not even the toughest scene to stomach in the promo for this inspired-by-true-life tale about the brutal bootlegging Bondurant Brothers in Prohibition-era Virginia, which also stars Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska.

There's another luckless soul who appears to be force fed about a gallon of gasoline — and they don't even check his oil! Check it out below:


  • scott baiowulf says:

    Actually, Guy Pearce is talking to Bill Camp when he says the Thompson sub machine gun line. If you've seen the teaser scenes you'd know the gasoline scene is actually shown in reverse on this trailer and Lew Temple is never forced to drink any gasoline.

    This trailer is the most promising yet. I'll be seeing this next week.