Keira Knightley Heads to Jack Ryan; Justin Theroux To Swear To God: Biz Break

Keira KnightleyAlso in Friday afternoon's round-up of news briefs, The Hunger Games gets a new Tribute. And remembering Oscar-winning Special Effects Artist Carlo Rambaldi and writer/actor David Rakoff.

Keira Knightley Takes Lead in Jack Ryan Reboot
Knightley will play the female lead in Kenneth Branagh's Untitled Jack Ryan project. The actress is currently in talks to star as Jack Ryan’s wife, a role previously portrayed by Anne Archer, Gates McFadden, and Bridget Moynahan in previous installments of the franchise. Knightley joins Chris Pine, who’s long been attached to play the lead role, and Branagh, who in addition to directing will also star as the villain, THR reports.

E. Roger Mitchell Boards The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Mitchell will play a Tribute from District 11 who previously won the 45th annual Hunger Games. The follow-up has past winners, including Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss participating in the "Quarter Qeull," or the 75th anniversary Hunger Games, Deadline reports.

Justin Theroux to Swear to God with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell
Theroux will rewrite and direct Warner Bros. comedy Swear to God, starring Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. The story revolves around Ferrell who is a narcissistic hedge fund manager who believes he has seen God, Deadline reports.

David Rakoff, Comic Essayist and Actor Dead at 47
His mother confirmed his death following a long battle with cancer. He described himself as a "New York writer" and a "Canadian writer" and a "mega Jewish writer." He appeared in the Oscar-winning short The New Tenants (2009) which he also adapted. The New York Times reports with background from Wikipedia.

E.T. Special Effects Artist Carlo Rambaldi Dead at 86
Rambaldi worked on more than 30 films and received two Oscars for E.T. (1982) and Alien (1979). He died in his southern Italian home following a long illness, The Washington Post reports.