WATCH: Chris Rock On Why He Talks To An Obama Cut-out in 2 Days in New York: Rick James Wasn't Available

Chris Rock Talks 2 Days in New York, Barack Obama, Rick James

Barack Obama occupies the same pantheon as late "Superfreak" singer Rick James, according to Chris Rock.

In the Julie Delpy-directed 2 Days in New York, Rock plays a Village Voice writer and radio-show host who occasionally carries on one-sided conversations with a life-size cut-out of the president, and at the Cinema Society and MCM-hosted screening of the film in New York on Wednesday, the comic told Movieline pal Grace Randolph why the cardboard Commander in Chief got the nod.

"He's the first black president. You can't really top him right now," Rock told Randolph at the Landmark Sunshine Theater on Manhattan's Lower East Side, adding "And it's hard to find a cardboard cut-out of Rick James."

Randolph also spoke to Delpy and other cast members of the movie, as well as the Rev. Al Sharpton. Check out the video below.

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