How Warren Beatty Made It (Hint: Sex)

"I realize that Beatty was not some exploited female starlet. He did no small amount of exploitation of his own reputation, not to mention women’s affections and his position of power. But the scandal of Beatty’s image is that a man who really just wanted to make beautiful, incisive films, get worthwhile candidates in office, and have a lot of sex along the way is remembered almost exclusively for the last of those three. Sex becomes Beatty." Also: Reds is not "tedious," how dare you, etc. etc. [The Hairpin]


  • bradslager says:

    Um, scandal? If Beatty's film accomplishments are overshadowed by his satyriasis he has only himself to blame. He could have been subtle regarding his affairs, but he needed to let people know about his conquests. Hell, he even banked a production that was based on his exploits. Hard to moan about a result that he appears to have worked on intentionally.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      Did you read the piece? She discusses that. If I blew the context, sorry, but I'm only linking in the first place so you'll read it in its entirety, so go go go go!

      • bradslager says:

        Yea I did read it. That's why I'm confused how she calls it a "scandal", when it essentially details how ardently Beatty worked on his lothario image. She may not like his work being overshadowed, but he's the one who was focusing the lighting, to force the metaphor.