Yes, Wesley Snipes, Hos Don't Pay Taxes Either

Acclaimed actor, convicted tax cheat and current McKean Correctional Facility inhabitant Wesley Snipes had his hands full with more than just the feds before he landed behind bars. Check out a recently unearthed video of a deposition from his battle with United Talent Agency, which in 2007 won a judgment against Snipes for $1.7 million in unpaid fees.

As the footage and the transcript (via THR) reveal, Snipes's characterization of the agent/talent dynamic demonstrates a righteous mind at work:

Snipes: I can translate it to the way I understand it. It's no different than a pimp. That's what a pimp does with a ho. A pimp will lay claim to whatever the ho produces anywhere on the planet for as long as she's a ho. And then, even after she retires from being a ho, they're still gonna make the claim. Now, whether they actually do anything or not to deserve it is a whole 'nother issue. That's kind of my experience with the talent agencies -- if they receive the phone call, if your name has been a part of their roster, if they receive a piece of mail, then as far as they're concerned, they are entitled to commission.

[Lawyer]: What does the pimp do when the ho doesn't pay?

Snipes: They usually beat them up.

Priceless. Meanwhile, we can all follow up with Mr. Snipes when he gets out of the, uh, ho-le a year from tomorrow. Can't wait.


  • Bob says:

    Umm. Snipes is actually correct, in this instance. It is a pimp/ho relationship, and he's far from the first to make this point.
    So please, S.T, please try again.

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