Batman Villain Named 'Bane' to Hurt Romney: Rush Limbaugh; Hugh Hefner Biopic In the Works: Biz Break

Also in Wednesday morning's round-up of news briefs, Kino Lorber Films picks up a Tribeca Film Festival doc that spotlights the culture wars in the Texas school system. Juliette Lewis is in talks to star opposite Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in an upcoming pic, while Diane Kruger is set for a role of a 19th century Kentucky stepmom to a U.S. president.

Tribeca's The Revisionaries Picked Up for North America
Kino Lorber Films acquired the documentary for the U.S. and Canada. The Revisionaries spotlights how public education has become the latest battleground in a new wave of cultural, religious and ideological clashes, with local Texas education board members advancing agendas of Creationism and other religious issues in public schools. The film exposes how their tactics have had the effect of rewriting key aspects of U.S. democracy and are affecting educational policies at the national level. The New York-based distributor will open the feature nationwide in October and PBS' Independent Lens will broadcast the feature in early 2013.

Around the 'net…

Rush Limbaugh: Batman Villain Named 'Bane' to Hurt Mitt Romney
The right-wing radio host said that the group behind Warner Bros' The Dark Knight Rises are trying to brainwash audiences by naming the pic's villain "Bane." Bain Capital is Romney's former employer, which has been criticized for outsourcing American jobs overseas, Deadline reports.

Producer Jerry Weintraub Developing Hugh Hefner Biopic
Peter Morgan is in negotiations to write the Hefner story that Weintraub is developing with Warner Bros. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter met with Hefner Tuesday, THR reports.

Juliette Lewis Eyes August: Osage County
Lewis is in negotiations to join the cast of the film. She'd play Karen, the self-deluding youngest daughter in the dark family comedy being financed and released by The Weinstein Company. She would join Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, Deadline reports.

Diane Kruger Set for Lincoln's Stepmother in Green Blade Rising
Terrence Malick is producing Green Blade Rising, about the 16th U.S. president's youth in Kentucky. Kruger will play his stepmother, the woman who encouraged him to read," Movie Nation reports.


  • Joseph Five says:

    The Democratic liberals made the TDKR allusion, to which Rush pushed to it's bounds to highlight the absurdity of. This backward reporting on the story is as laughable as those who cannot be bothered to call a donkey an ass.

    • D says:

      Hey, if you want to believe that the guy who said Michael J. Fox was faking his Parkinson's is really smart enough to be that witty, go right ahead. I feel sorry for you.

      • KevyB says:

        LOL. Someone who uses the redundant phrase "Democratic liberals" is probably even LESS reliable than Limbaugh when it come to pesky facts. Personally, I think it's more pathetic that Limbaugh tries to claim that Obama hates America. What has Limbaugh's show been about for the last four years? All about how much he hates Obama's America. Free speech is legal, but believing some of this crap should result in the death penalty.

        • Joseph Five says:

          Not all Democrats are liberal. In fact, it's this whole thing, most famously brought to light with Reagan.

          lol@your life and that you qualify for your own standards for being killed

      • Joseph Five says:

        Cool strawman, brain trust.

  • Geo says:

    Since the Bane character dates back to 1993 (see:, I'm thinking the idea it's a Romney reference is a bit of an overreach, to put it mildly? 🙂