The Dark Knight Rises Other Star: The Tumbler - Take a Look!

The Batmobile has had quite the evolution since actual volition appeared in the '60s television version to its altogether super-suped up version heading your way in The Dark Knight Rises. Its latest incarnation includes some nifty gadgetry including a rocket launcher, the vehicle's creator Andy Smith told Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph at Comic-Con where the vehicle, aka The Tumbler, is on display along with previous versions of The Batmobile. Smith has a history in race car work and worked on a car for a James Bond film and for an earlier Batmobile back in '89. The current Tumbler is a hybrid of a Humvee and Lamborghini and it's the only one that has ever been named something other than a 'Batmobile.'

Smith gives a rundown of interesting factoids in the video below, including Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley's hand in creating The Tumbler after toying with various model kits. Of note, The Tumbler is 9 feet, 2 inches wide and 15 feet, 2 inches in length. Those stats keep it from being street-worthy at least legally speaking. It also has a top speed of 110mph, but "film makes it look much faster," Smith notes. The video also shows previous Batmobiles including an interview with one owner and an interview with an early Batmobile designer who also designed many other famous on-screen vehicles including four-wheel stars appearing in Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard and even The Monkees.