Guess Who's Not So Amused by Ted's 9/11 Joke

Ted 9/11 Joke"A 9/11 joke didn’t go down well during a showing of new movie Ted attended by former mayor Rudy Giuliani and wife Judith in the Hamptons on Sunday night. [...] In one scene, Ted — the misanthropic CGI teddy bear in the film — asks singer Norah Jones about her nationality, then shockingly spits back, 'Whatever. Thanks for 9/11.' 'No one in the theater laughed,' the Hamptons spy said. 'The joke fell completely flat.' They added the audience 'had too much respect for the mayor' to make light of the disaster. But Rudy and Judi were later seen enjoying the rest of their night in the Hamptons." Whew. [NYP via NYM]