Ice Age Freezes Spider-Man: Weekend Receipts

The last pre-Dark Knight Rises weekend at the multiplex came and went without much incident, unless you call The Amazing Spider-Man losing his grip on the No. 1 spot after one week an "incident." You decide! Either way, your Weekend Receipts are here.

1. Ice Age: Continental Drift
Gross: $46,000,000 (new)
Screens: 3,881 (PSA: $11,853)
Weeks: 1

The Ice Age franchise celebrated its 10th anniversary by rolling its opening-weekend domestic gross back to 2002 prices — the fourth installment of the series earned almost precisely what the original earned out of gate a decade ago. It still amounts to only the third highest opening of the series, but Fox will take it (not to mention deposing one-week wonder The Amazing Spider-Man for No. 1).

2. The Amazing Spider-Man
Gross: $35,000,000 ($200,900,000)
Screens: 4,318 (PSA $8,106)
Weeks: 2 (Change: -43.6%)

It took 11 days — including a holiday — for Sony's comics reboot to hit the $200 million mark domestically. That's fine and all, but in the summer of The Avengers and mere days ahead of the Dark Knight Rises megastorm that will wipe Spider-Man off the map, it's not really good enough, is it?

3. Ted
Gross: $22,147,000 ($158,993,000)
Screens: 3,303 (PSA: $6,705)
Weeks: 3 (Change: -31.2%)

Time and time again over the last few weeks, the one conversation that seems to come up among me and people whose taste I generally trust involves the title Ted and the phrase, "It was better than I expected." If its box-office hold after three weeks is any indication, I am not the only one having this conversation.

4. Brave
Gross: $10,695,000 ($195,596,000)
Screens: 3,392 (PSA $3,153)
Weeks: 4 (Change: -45.5%)

Another reasonably good hold here, though what's really worth watching is how the overseas grosses start to mount over the next two months of foreign rollouts. The slowest of slow burns — Brave indeed!

5. Magic Mike
Gross: $9,030,000 ($91,850,000)
Screens: 3,090 (PSA $2,922)
Weeks: 3 (Change: -42.3%)

Yeah, I'd say a sequel might be worth a try.

[Figures via Box Office Mojo]

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  • Andrew says:

    Considering that ASM is the 5th highest domestic grosser of the year in a summer full of crash and burns (and Avengers) and was proceeded by endless "OMG Y U REBOOT SPIDERMANS" rabble, I'd say it's doing very well. Especially considering it's also made an additional 300M overseas in about the same time frame.

    You say, TDKR will wipe it off the map. I say, that at the end of the summer, the narrative will be that the only performers this summer were Comic Book Movies, Kids movies, and two low budget raunchy R comedies.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      All I'm saying is that it had one week in No. 1 and was bumped by the crappy fourth installment of an animated franchise. Foreign notwithstanding, that's a letdown.