Expendables 2 Comic-Con Poster: Testosterone Tsunami

I'm hugely fond of the headline accompanying this Expendables 2 "Comic-Con poster" (just what the movie needed, seriously, because surely none of the thousands of culture obsessives in San Diego will know anything about it) on Ain't it Cool News: "This EXPENDABLES 2 Comic-Con Poster Has Enough Booms, Badasses, Barrels To Humble Even The Most Uppity Of Geeks!!" Yes, it certainly does. You know what else it has? Hilarity.

Somehow this all makes me envision Sylvester Stallone wolfing down a testosterone taco a few years past its sell-by date and then racing to the nearest Kinko's and evacuating every last granule of his meal inside a color copier whose lid comes crashing down and short circuits and sputters and churns out a boomtastic accident likely intended for an imminent Chinatown bootleg DVD sleeve yet is just tasteless enough to qualify for Comic-Con signage. The man is good! Or at least he will be once his stomach settles. Better, anyway.

Expendables 2 Poster

[Ain't it Cool News]