Birdemic 2 Teaser: Just Like The Avengers! (Minus the Budget)

Birdemic 2 title card

Don't try to conceal how wildly ecstatic you are over the forthcoming Birdemic 2: The Resurrection, "filmmaker" James Nguyen's sequel to his micro-budget 2010 "classic" Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Weep, already. Don't hold back — especially now that there is a teaser trailer.

Nguyen's no-mage to The Birds has acquired a slightly more contemporary spirit, invoking the post-credits scene from The Avengers despite apparently setting to rest Nguyen's insistence that his sequel would be in 3-D. Like I said, weep, already. Anyway, these 30 seconds may be light on screeching avian terror, but they do quietly portend the barely watchable joys to come.

[Bleeding Cool via Filmdrunk]


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