What Did I Miss?

Hello! Remember me? Oh. Well, anyway, the world's longest coffee break has ended, and as I nestle back into my Movieline work station, I hope you don't mind me asking: What did I miss?

No, really: What did I miss? Let's talk about the last 38 days in movie culture, assuming "movie culture" still exists and isn't off playing golf with a typewriter and a couple eight-track tapes in some Scottsdale retirement community. For the record, this is not an invitation to fill me in on the details of Tom Cruise's "divorce" or Lindsay Lohan's latest bout of "exhaustion," but rather a helpful space where we can all discuss the good stuff that's worth catching up with. Assume June in particular didn't even happen for me and that I'm not going to see The Amazing Spider-Man no matter how highly anyone recommends it.

What else is there? I mean, 4-D movie theaters? Already? It's like another world out there.


  • Beasts of the Southern Wild: indie revelation or minstrely shitshow?

    Welcome back!

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      Ahh, right. Where do you stand?

      (And thanks!)

      • Minstrely shitshow, unfortunately.

        • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

          Just this morning I was talking to someone about what I do for a living. And he said, "Oh, have you seen... it's new, I think it's set in Louisiana? And there's this girl, and there's something with her father..." And I (not having seen BotSW, but still) said "BotSW?" And he nodded kind of forlornly, so I asked, "What did you think?" And his eyes flattened and his whole body stiffened and he practically exorcised his reply, "I thought it was awful -- a hateful movie. But the reviews were all very positive." And I mentioned the allegations of minstrelsy and poverty porn and he did the nodding thing again, more disappointed this time.

          Naturally it will win the Best Picture Oscar.

          • After I saw it and was so disgusted, I did a more thorough search for reviews and did find some negative ones, but it's incredible to me that this movie got such a positive reaction. I wish you were wrong about the Oscar. I'm hoping there's enough time for the hype die down (and have this thing be forgotten) before awards season is in full effect. I'll be following your Oscar Index very closely once again!

          • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

            Oscar Index is retired! Was fun* while it lasted!

            *: i.e. debilitating

  • Dimo says:

    You didn't miss anything...but we missed you. P.S. Ted is the must see movie.

  • bradslager says:

    Basically, everyone went to see PROMETHEUS so they can say how terrible it is, everyone watches NEWSROOM because they don't like it, and everyone was singing "The Afro Circus" song, despite nobody liking it. Those will get you right up to speed, stat!

    • Jen Yamato says:

      LOL all of the above. So true.

      • Jen, isn't this THE TIME to mess with S.T.'s head a little? Like...

        The filming of the Mexican Batman movie (HOMBRE MURCIELAGO) has been put
        on hold due to the death of Ernest Borgnine.

        Not enough people dressed up like SPIDERMAN for free sandwiches at Carl's Jr, so
        there'll be NO sequel.


    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      I just Googled "Afro Circus" and am fairly certain I won't be catching up with that, either. But Prometheus really sounds great!

  • I cried for, like, 3 days straight. Then I saw Bella Cullen, Thor, and a bunch of non little people Brits playing little people take on that Young Adult author, and all was well again.

    Also, Moonrise Kingdom became this year's Midnight in Paris with all that entails.

    I was going to watch Newsroom, but decided my time was better spent watching Keith Olbermann at double speed while doing a lot of cocaine.

    (Missed you, sir)

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      OH THAT'S RIGHT Snow White and the Huntsman came out.

      Enjoy Olbermann, and many thanks!

  • joya says:

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  • vulpes82 says:

    Meh, nothing much, really.

    Also, NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

  • SD says:

    Ah crap. I go away on holiday and miss your triumphant return. Welcome back. Jen did a good job of holding things together in your absence.

    And don't worry about Spider-Man - you aren't missing anything. The first half was good but then it all goes a bit Captain America. Andrew Garfied made me want to go and see Boy A again though so I might have to rent it when I get back home.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      Thanks! Indeed, big ups to Jen and the team. And Boy A all the way! Red Riding Trilogy, too.